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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by g2_loony_bin, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone got any experience of MQs in London? In particular for chaps working in the City Centre (Whitehall, etc).

    There's a possibility of being posted there and I'm wondering about the possible locations and the state of them. Also if the flats that seem to be used for sigle living accomodation, is there a MQ equivalent?

    Much obliged!
  2. Putney is a good location, although the ORs block of flats is a bit sixtyish. The officer's quarters are modern and a bit boxy but in a very posh part of Putney, there are some officer's flats near to them, don't want to give the name of the road, that are converted from old barrack blocks that are big, but no balconies.

    If you go as a singly your allowance will get you a nice dingy bedsit.
  3. Most of the blokes in our office are staying up here as singlies. They get the choice of a small one bed or they can share with an 'equivalent rank' to get a 2 bed. The ones I've seen are rather nice.

    The only bloke that I know who's in quarters is at Farnborough.

    Why not give the housing bods a shout and see what your rank entitles you to and in what areas.
  4. Any POC? PM me?
  5. Funny old thing but I know a few people that have some top quality flats in the Docklands area.

    I also don't think Offr quarters are an option.
  6. Sorry fella. I've had a quick look about the intranet and I can't seem to find anything. You've also shit it because the guys I was just talking about are all out of the office.

    If you have no joy give me a PM in a few days and I'll ask them.
  7. Have a look at Biggin Hill. Just within the M25. In the woods - quite area - and an easy commute 60-75 mins door to door.
  8. Iwas up in whetstone, which I really liked. Houses were ok but area going downhill as i was leaving.

    Easy commute on the train for you. Straight down the Northern line to Charring x.............That wasnt a kiss by the way.
  9. I've heard that before. Whoops you're pregnant.
  10. I spent 3 years living in Whetstone.

    Tiny little houses with no storage to speak of. The Estate was OK, but very little mixing due to all the different units living mixed together.

    Commute was OK if there were no problems with the Northern Line. If there were, absolute nightmare....

    Couple of decent pubs and restaurants withing easy walking distance, and the A1/M25 are within a short driving distance so it's easy to escape.
  11. Try contacting the Camp Commandants Office at Main Building, they do the Admin for all MOD Army personnel, when I was there they were giving out joiners packs that showed you where the Qtr patches were in relation to MB, if they dont they are still the best people to advise you. I lived in Woolwich and commuted to Charing Cross daily, I also lived in SSSA accom prior to getting hitched, had 2 very nice flats in Surrey Quayes and Dulwich. Good Luck.
  12. MFO at the embankment. Save a fortune in Qtr charges, shower in work, only a short commute, share low grade port with many ex services and your posting will fly by in a hazy kind of way.

    I'll get my coat/blanket/bed and bottle of meths...................
  13. I lived on the patch in Mill Hill-the posties' depot. the houses were old but comfortable and there were some large flats, though some may have been sold off. Mill Hill East tube stn 2 mins walk away and at the end of a line so you always get a seat on the way in. The Northern line can be a BITCH at times. Handy for the M1, Brent Cross, Wembley etc
  14. Don't do it!!
  15. RAF Uxbridge is another option. End of the Metropolitan and Picadilly Lines, also on M25 / M40 Junction for getting out of town. They are all RAF builds so pretty good.

    Also 15 mins from Heathrow.

    Numbers are tight but you could try with the London DE.