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Discussion in 'Officers' started by musicalmarvin, Feb 21, 2007.

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  1. Sorry if this subject has already been done to death. Got a wedding to go to in London and need somewhere to stay.

    Can anyone recommend a club to stay at - one where membership is not required, and isn't too pricey.

    Many thanks
  2. Proper clubs... no idea... they'd never let me in. Union Jack Club opens its doors to anyone though, with an MOD 90 but I found civie hotels in Victoria/Bayswater to be cheaper.
  3. You can kip in my spare room if you want. £40 should do it. Zone 1 so v easy for a p1ssed Rupert to get back to.Not the Ritz but comfy all the same. Oh and no breakfast in bed you perv. :sleepy: :wink:
  4. Oh what a pity, 'twas the only reason
  5. Check pm's
  6. Spearmint Rhino?
  7. Try the Victory Services Club just behing Marble Arch. Its a club for all ranks and just a brilliant central location if you need a crash pad.

    You do have to join but it costs peanuts to do so and they have loads of rooms from real no-frills, issue beds type rooms for very little Geld to nicer en suite type things.

    Give them a call. They're very relaxed.
  8. I lodged at the Victory Services Club last summer. I paid about £35 quid for bed and breakfast, which is not bad.

    What was bad was that I could have touched both walls with both hands - had the wallpaper not looked like it was festering and mouldy. And the couple in the next room kept me up all night with their talking.