London City Alert - SHAC demo today

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Plastic Yank, Feb 27, 2009.

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  1. For everyone in the Mile:

    Whilst I would not dispute their right to protest, SHAC have been known to have some very doggie supports.
  2. SHAC are terrorist scum.

    IMHO,a large proporiton of the people on this march will be welfare scroungers out to cause trouble.

    IMHO,one of the few things Blair did right was to defend Huntingdon Like Sciences.
  3. SHAC?
  4. SHAC = Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty. (I think).

    The wife used to work for HLS, and I can confirm that SHAC are the worst kind of unwashed, benefits scrounging, lying rent-a-mob b*stards ever.
    Their propaganda is the biggest pack of lies since Lady Mucka said the marriage wasn't about money. They use 20 year old photos of experiments that have long since been banned, and continue to accuse HLS of testing beauty products on animals, some 15 or so years after they stopped doing so.
    Oh and they all bring their pets with them too, pets that have been, or will have to at some point, be treated by vets... I asked one of them once where he thought his dog's medications had been tested. He also had an asthma inhaler and he couldn't get his head around the fact that it wouldn't have existed either if it weren't for testing.
  5. I think beagles look far prettier with mascara on. Especially when smoking.
  6. Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty.

    A bunch of domestic (and it seems this insanity has spread to other countries) terrorists, who indulge in intimidation, blackmail, and other honourable and noble tactics in the fight against the evil animal-butchering staff of Huntingdon Life Sciences.
    A bunch of self righteous, vigilante scum, for want of a better word. Domestic terrorists who deserve no better treatment than any other kind of terrorist.
  7. Water cannon.

    Possibly adding some chemicals that need testing? hair and skin dye, hair removal products, mild irritants that sort of thing

    Unless of course they behave themselves, protest peacefully and then trot off home at the end. Their track record indicates that they will resort to violence. So be it, they should face consequences.
  8. thanks, thats a good to know. A few years ago on one of the Stop the City demonstrations floor traders from Liffe stood at the windows waving £50 notes which predictably did much to inflame an already volatile situation. I'm off to the bank then........................
  9. Brother In Law used to be on duty at HLS when the demonstrators paid them a visit, as a Armed Response Plod, they used to get upset at not being able to deploy weapons.

    Personally I think they should be arrested and given the choice of being used for experiments or being locked up for the rest of their time on this planet.

    Wonder how many of them still use medications that have a history of being tested on animals. They obviously dont worry about soap or deodorants being tested as they dont have a clue what its used for
  10. I used to own a beagle ! He was great !

    Unfortunately I had him put down at the vets because of the noise he made.
    It wasn't the barking that was bad, just the smokers cough.
  11. I've been out and didn't notice a thing. I might have to release the 'mongs of war' from the basement to find them (aka accounts payable).......
  12. Are these the twa ats who stopped me feeding farm reared guinea pigs to the beagles?
  13. So much for the summer of rage, we're barely out of winter yet.

    Some people have no patience at all.
  14. A nice warm(ish) afternoon here in west London.

    Time to deploy the iced water cannon shound violence break out?
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Bloody whinging plod, get your arrse down there and earn some overtime ;)