London Christmas crawl

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I am so there, will even bring a bottle of something spessshhhuuullll !
Biscuits_AB said:
Tulti-masking?..........pounds sainful.
Stop it! I am very easy to confuse these days!

Ahhhhh, going to miss the p1ss up in my home town. AB go instead of me please?
Sounds cracking.

anyone know of any free xmas fairs that day doing free gallons of gluhwein and bratties?
I will come and protect you Poppy. Not that you need protecting. Unless Idleadjt goes as well.
Thinking more of some tourist trap for nips or grockles in london with lots of free booze served by lots of young nubile miss bavarias low cut dresses .....(pauses to wipe fevered brow and go to lie down in a dark room)
Biscuits_AB said:
Will you protect me Dale? You know how much Poppy fancies me.
Only if you promise to take me for another romantic Pot Noodle. You smooth talker.
put me down for it ,
I should have some free floor space and possibly a spare bed if there are some INTERESTING people in need!
babyblue said:
Accommodation - anyone got a spare bed?? Or will it be checking into hotel??
Ask AB in a nice manner, he may put you up for a small fee............
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