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London Christmas crawl

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Anyone up for a crawl in London on Saturday 3rd December
:( I'm not flying in till 17th at the earliest... Oh well, I'll have to do a tour of the country to hook up for drinks with all those I've mutually abused on here! Pops, fancy coming along for the ride? We could bring Adonwar & relive the Salisbury journey! (Remember to stock up on Valium and fill up your hip-flask!) :D
Biscuits_AB said:
Just me and you then Poopy Baby
I'd rather turn teetotal :lol:
I'm around if allowed!
I haven't put on THAT much weight since leaving! Come on, PLEASEEEEEE let me join in!!!
I'm up for that. As long as I can shag a female arrser (Not the Slug).
I could be up for that, would be nice to meet you all....I think. Not sure you'll feel the same about me though.
Biscuits_AB said:
Anya1982 said:
Biscuits_AB said:
Sorry, no fat people.
So your be staying at home watching EastEnders then?
Hang on..he's the one who said he was round.........not me. :D

No Anya......I'll be at home thinking of you.
Cheers, while your there, can you tape EastEnders for me and FedX it to Cyprus!

*Edited for being a spastic*
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