London Christmas Crawl 2009

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by saintstone, Aug 8, 2009.

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  1. Yeah why not
    Count me in
  2. If mr scoobs is in so am I....tell me when to demand time off and I shall be there to play (ie Mr Scoobs remind me early november to start nagging my bosses).
  3. Fri 4th to Sun 6th, seeing as the meet is on the 5th 8O
  4. I'm in London for a conference on 3rd and 4th anyway... If time allows I'll stay an extra night and come along!
  5. See edit due to water not vodka on the brain :wink:
  6. Shove the dates on their bloody calendar now,. strike while the irons hot, early bird catches the worm, first up best dressed, get the gist, GIVE THEM PLENTY OF NOTICE AND THEY CAN'T GO BACK ON IT( plus tell them that mr scoobs has bought tickets for something special in the West End but you don't know what as it's a Chrimbo surprise and they cost a fortune and you don't want to let hin down)
  7. Definatly count me in

    Plenty of time to make my excuses from work!!
  8. I have ELEVEN male bosses, I tell them now they'll forget, or decide to organise our chrimble do for the same weekend :roll:
  9. Good job I've never met her bosses or they'd never believe it
  10. Read the bold or do you need it in bigger writing?WRITE IT ON THE BLOODY CALENDAR, jeeez, some women are hard work :wink:
  11. The only thing special worth buying tickets for in London its LIDS (London International Dive Show). :D

    EDITTED to add, the blerks dont bother looking at the ferking calendar, nor the diary nor the emails I send out reminding them of dates which need something doing on or by. Which is why most of them dont have current medicals, medical quals, and we never have the same number of students as I was told about. :roll:
  12. Date's already circled on my calendar....for a mate's 30th oop North :D
  13. Since as it's my birthday then, i suppose i could wendle my way daarn saarf again for a few small sherries :D
    But please, can someone else have the beer shampoo this time :lol:
  14. I'll go, can i have a floor to crash on please?