London Bombings

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by SurgSpirit, Jul 7, 2005.

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  1. The terrible events of today are still unfolding as I write this but amidst all the highly emotive issues that abound, why are we in the AMS not utilised?

    It strikes me as a terrible waste that the many highly trained and above all experienced military medics particulary A+E and Surgical Teams have not been deployed. This is not to re-open the debate on locating the Centre for Defence Medicine in London or retaining the QEMH but more to offer up our staff to assist in there many roles and further their experience.

    There must be many reading this with a great deal of incident management experience who at least can take comfort from the sterling work that our civilian collegues are doing and will continue to do. At least our TA collegues will be able to put some of their TELIC skills to good use!
  2. probably because most of us aren't qualified

    Or so it would seem having read most AMS threads.
  3. sh1t i'm getting all bitter and twisted again!!!!
  4. Because the civvy organisations all train together for incidences such as these. If we went blundering in with our own ideas & way of doing things, then there would be real & total chaos. The highest ranking would be shouting loudest & the rest of us just ignoring him, with the civvies lost somewhere in the middle.

    It's really not a good idea. They are doing & have done a great job without us, why complicate things further? Keep the civvy meidcal services and the military as far apart as possible (with the obvious TA exception).

    And yes, there are lots of us sitting around feeling very useless & wanting to get stuck in, but our time will come.
  5. Very sensible and educated response. We train for our thing they train for their thing. Try and imagine it the other way round, it makes perfect sense what gado says.
  6. fcuk me, thats a first ! (but cheers anyway)
  7. It's also your last so print it out as a keepsake.
  8. To be honest we had loads of Paramedic crews and volunteer staff in reserve that never even made it forward to the inner cordons, im sure if there is ever any need you will get the call..
  9. Harsh, Mr Airtight, very harsh :cry:
  10. I suppose one reason the AMS were not called is because they are eitheralready holding up the NHS in MDHUs, or deployed.
  11. There are a few of us floating around not doing an awful lot (at the moment) :roll: The calm before the storm? After all, they can't pay us all this money & then do nothing with us.
  12. The legal implications are the problem at the moment. The majority of the most relevent sections of the AMS (i.e medics) are not legally authorised to treat civvies. I'm not saying that this is a fair state of affairs, but it is a fact. The main deficit at the minute is paramedics to attend the routine 999 calls. As has been stated, AMS assets are not covered to fill this gap. Sad state of affairs, but there you go
  13. there should be NO exceptions!!!!
  14. Was trying to be PC, but hey! Your right (as always).