London bombing - Police Searches in Leeds and Dewsbury

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by polar, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone confirm this, her indoors just phoned to say this area of Leeds has been closed off.
  2. Cheers, so some truth in it. Thought it was her indoors gossiping (so the arrest bit may be unture)
  3. Similar events in Dewsbury and elsewhere, according to ITV News. Officers from Met and W Yorks Police involved in 'a series of co-ordinated raids under Terorism Act. Met Commissioner quoted as saying that raids are directly connected to London bombings.
  4. From the sounds of it they're rattling the cages and see who gets spooked by it, probably nothing will come out of this directly.
  5. Lets just watch this one develop shall we?
  6. First the Birmingham Six and the Guildford Four, now the Leeds Five/Six/Seven. Headline arrests days after bombing, swift trial, years inside and then ten years later much apology and released with mega-payout.

    I can hardly wait.

    Edited to add....I like the Herc option much more.
  7. Get the 'No arrest options' stamped.
  8. According to Radio Aire, Kirkstall Road and Burley Road have been closed down with more searches going on there.

    Rumour mill saying 6 arrested.
  9. Your point?
  10. Controlled explosions in a house in the Burley district, lots of armed police all over the shop. Lovely.
  11. My point being that time and again in the past, after incidents of this nature, arrests have been made to much hullaballoo from an aggrieved public who were demanding retribution. Then a decade later, those convicted are either found innocent, or more accurately, (and I'm being very careful here) 'not guilty' based on errors in the evidence in the earlier trial.

    My views on the 'innocence' of the Birmingham Six or the Guildford Four are best not discussed here, but in a general sense, if convictions are overthrown years later because of a miscarriage of justice it is obviously a bad thing that the innocent have been incarcerated. Equally if those convicted are released on a technicality whilst being guilty as sin, that is also a bad thing.

    Either way, it's depressing, and made worse by the fact that 'life' only means a dozen years anyway.
  12. Just hope they can produce some decent justification / evidence for this, as elements of the Pakistani / Pakistani-origin community are already getting a proper chip on their shoulder about what they perceive as police harassment etc etc.

    Hence while the idea of resident Asian communities containing Islamofascist murderers is scarcely reassuring, there can only be more fallout if the police have acted and there turns out to be little to suggest the communities do.
  13. No-knock entries in this locale too. Rumour control says 21 detained yesterday , but these raids are all related to 'Gun crime , with an open eye to possible terrorist activity'

    Nice :D
  14. Sky News report that controlled explosion in Leeds was the Army gaining entry to premises so that police could enter to search for explosives.