London Bomb threat

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Murphy_Slaw, May 16, 2011.

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  1. not completely unexpected
  2. Hopefully nothing will happen. Arent bomb threats issued by Terror groups a lot more than this, although we never hear about them?
  3. someone better qualifed then me can possibly answer this but i think the issue here is the fact its a coded warning
  4. Do you understanded what 'coded' means?
  5. as I understand it a certain word is given to the person on the other end of the phone to prove the group are who they claim to be
  6. It would appear there was an incident earlier this morning.
    As has been stated, the fact that it is a coded warning is significant.

    Bomb warning received in London – Oh Internets

    Earlier on Monday, the Mall and Carlton House Terrace were closed after a disturbed manhole cover sparked an alert.
    Threat level
    The Metropolitan Police have confirmed they are investigating a break-in at Carlton Gardens but could not confirm whether or not the incident was linked to the closure.
    The building involved is believed to be 2 Carlton Gardens, which houses the Institute for Government think-tank.
    That is adjacent to the foreign secretary's residence, where William Hague is believed to have been at the time.
    BBC pictures from the scene show a van of search dogs, and the Met's underwater and confined spaces search team.

    However in the past IIRC coded warnings usualy came with a location (??) Is this a change in tactics or just a hoax to bugger up everyones day.
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  8. You obviously don't Western, expressing your ignorance again. Coded means the use of an authenticated codeword - which is very retro these days. It's probably some old PIRA has been stirring the shite before HM visits Eire - but this shouldn't detract from the need to be vigilant.
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  10. Yes you are right an 'agreed' wording which would suggest that it came from someone who knew what they were.

    Couple of issues with them:

    They are compromised frequently
    The person receiving the call needs to understand the significance. Terrorists will never call the Police or the Security Services directly.
    They can also be used to cause millions of pounds worth of disruption without any cost to the terrorists as we are obliged to react.
  11. Where on earth do you get your deep knowledge of what I do or do not know?

    Your comment is inaccurate in all respects, as is to be expected.
  12. BBC World News just described those responsible as being "Anti-British Militants".

    WTF are the BBC on about? "Dissident Republicans", "Real/Continuity IRA", or "same old murdering scum" would have been perfectly acceptable terms.
  13. or simply "them c*nts are playing silly b*llocks again"
  14. Sorry, but for a moment I couldn't help but think of the editorial staff of both the BBC and Guardian...
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