London Bomb Blasts - Condolences.


I would like to pass on my condolences to those that weree caught in the blasts today and to the relatives of the deceased.
Sluggy xxx

(Thank goodness you are ok Missy)
And me - Lets ensure we unite as a nation to support each other!

I offer my condolences as well.

condolences to all affected
Me too - lets hope all those injured recover quickly and as fully as possible.

Thinking of them at this time.
Such sadness that innocent folk are drawn into this. Heartfelt sympathy and support to all who have been involved.

I do hope that the many ARRSERs in London are fine. I guess this sort of thing has more impact here because it happens so seldom. Perhaps we should also take a moment for all those for whom this sort of sh1t is a daily occurence.
We are thinking of not only the familys of the people caught up in the inceident, but also the familys of those who have been caught up in the inceident, may we wish you a quick recovery, and for the bastards who done this to be caught swiftly

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