London Bomb, Belfast Riots, 100 Redundancies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Yorkie, Jul 13, 2005.

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  1. Guess the Army cannot control the timing, but is it right to be sacking 100 Infantry officers during the same week that London gets western Europe's first suicide attack and Belfast kicks off again with 60 injured police?
    Good news for those going I guess - more pay, less hassle, but surely not in the Army's interest?
  2. Interesting observations, although the 121 (111 DE and 10 LE) Inf Offrs given the golden parachutes were all volunteers and the event did not even make the inside pages of the newspapers.
  3. Excellent work from the spin doctors then? Just because it doesn't make the papers doesn't mean it isn't a **** decision. The skill and experience lost is irreplaceable. If I was still in, working under the at best unsupportive and at worst aggressively critical and witch-hunting "leadership" that currently obtains THEN I would take the redundancy...Take it, I would lobby for it!

    No flies on a cottage in Wiltshire versus Intenational War Crimes Tribunal...
  4. It hasn't made the papers as it would have been picked up on very quickly and some embarrassing questions would have followed.
  5. Bickies - I couldn't agree more. The list contains a number of serving COs of Battalions currently on operations for a start - I'd love to see how the spin doctors would dress this one up!
  6. ^They would probably let The Scum know about a hole in the fence at Sandhurst or charge a Drill Instructor at Catterick for bullying as evidenced by the fact that he made new recruits march in a squad until they could do it right. Much more interesting stories than any reduction to Operational Effectiveness or Sustainability and you don't need to spin if the papers do it for you....

    Oops, sorry, I got out of the bitter side of the bed this morning obviously :roll:
  7. Were the CO's all volunteers though?.......if so, that in itself would be newsworthy.

    Come on Journo's.....ask some questions!