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Evening All,

Just a few quick questions for hopeful new middle aged Reserve. I've been looking for a Central London Reserve Unit recommendation as I'm not overtly fussed of which I join as I work and live in Central London. I've got a few quick questions and perhaps seeking some recommendations:

  1. I requested with my CSM to apply for 31 MI Coy as the Military Intelligence Corps seemed interesting with the benefit of being a short distance from work (not that thats a major incentive). My CSM said I didn't pass the security requirements - would this be because I'm a Commonwealth citizen? or perhaps because I didn't do my A-Level (did my secondary education overseas so no UK equivalent)? Would there be any possibility a reservist could transfer from another unit a later point?
  2. I'm thinking therefore the 68 Signals Sqn in Holborn - does anyone have any thoughts on this unit - would like to get a fair opinion?
  3. Are there any other recommendations London based reservists have?



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