London B&B or Apt wanted Jul 7-14, 2012

Discussion in 'Travel' started by viceroy, Mar 30, 2012.

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  1. This is for 2 adults, 3 kids and a car. Location: Relatively flexible, should be comfy, equipped, internet, clean and furnished to decent standard. Ideally an apartment that is currently vacant. Budget up to 1000£ for a decent place. PM me if your penthouse apt needs looking after and you can do with an extra few beer tokens. Failing that: any B&B / Guest houses / web sites recommended?
  2. Family room or flat at UJ club?
  3. Word doing the rounds is that every hotel is pretty flat out throughout the Olympic season and has been for about 6 months... any rooms that are left are the ones of which the hotel has lots, not the type where the hotel has a couple.

    My top choice of places to look would be student halls. They are usually empty in the summer so many universities let their halls out at a pretty reasonable rate during the summer months. There's no shortage of student accommodation in London so that'd be my first looking point.
  4. Olympics dont start till July 27th. Not sure we're entitlted to use UJ club, will have a look. Family room would do if it were big enough. Grateful for any leads.
  5. No chance,

    I enquired 2 months ago & got turned down, and only managed 2 nights availability in the VSC end of July

    Even all Londist welfare flats (compassionate cases only) will be accepted over the summer.

    There are Hotels in Croydon via Trivago but many locations have tripled their rates
  6. Look for a place outside of the shitehole called London, pay less for the accommodation and use public transport into London each day?
  7. 'Olympic Season' as I referred to it stretches far before and after the games themselves. The number of contractors on site alone will be enough to fill half the hotels in the city.

    Add that to the number of tourists that come every summer Olympics or No Olympics, and you don't have many rooms left.

    The ones that are left won't be the flats or family rooms. They'll be the double rooms.

    I still think student halls is your best bet.