London attacks, not AQ but anti-capitalists or anarchists?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by FNUSNU, Jul 7, 2005.

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  1. It doesn't strike me as an AQ attack. There was some co-ordination but the explosions where quite low yeald - not high-tech like AQ, they exploded at the end of rush hour not in the middle, there were reports of explosions but not suicide bombers.
  2. This is being discussed in current affairs if anyone wants to comment.
  3. I would humbly suggest that this is NOT discussed on the Int Corps forum, as

    a) most people in the corps(and definitely within the battalions) know nothing over and above what they see on sky news,

    b) false impressions are given to others of what is really happening because CERTAIN corps personnel do have a degree of authority/expertise in similar matters.

    c) there are far too many conflicting reports from News agencies, Home Office, JTAC, SO13 and others to have an accurate picture...YET.

    d) Lets just wait and see, read the reports and get the forensics sorted first shall we??

  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    A good point well made. As I've mentioned before, this is one of the few places on the web where real members of the intelligence community discuss issues in public, but it would be a mistake for any outsider to assume that anyone who is specifically 'in the know' would be wasting their time posting speculation on here at this time. I don't have a problem with members discussing the London attacks, but let's be quite clear that anything said here is as much uninformed speculation as any other post on any of the forums of Arrse.
  5. I would certainly concur with Cpunk's assessment regarding uninformed speculation in this forum and grade FNUSNU's comment as F6.

    I think it will probably take weeks , if not months to sort through the DNA recovered from each scene. If there was any DVR coverage on the trains, and the hard drive survived, that will also take time to recover, if damaged.

    anarchists?? anyone can tell this was the work of Blonde Bint.
  6. changed your mind yet? lol. isnt it great when the police "rule things out" absolutely, then change their minds a few days later...
  7. Even now, I wouldnt bet my life on it. AQ is used for lots of things, this could just as easily have been some demented buffoons who wanted some "Immortatlity." Well for no-mark gobsh*tes from Leeds they are pretty famous now.....
  8. feck sake what do Int know any way?

    Int indicates that North Yorkshire Al-Quheida will mount an attack of some sort some where at some time in the future! Does that ring any bells!!


    Sorry just being a miserable old cynic
  9. Sounds about right. What is wrong with that?
  10. It's the Yorkshire Al-Quholics you've got to watch out for...
  11. Yes, nasty bunch of &^*"£ that lot.....
  12. Looks like I was talking complete arrse then! It was AQ the fcukers. Hope they all burnin hell and I'm sure they will.
  13. You never know. Nothing has been proven yet..... Might not have been..... :?