London as a nest for a new Russian revolution.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. Interesting, what if a former British MP or/and minister (having a status of political refugee in Russia) would declare from Moscow that he plot a violent overthrow of British government. What would be a reaction of British authorities?,,2057106,00.html

  2. Your welcome too have him back too be honest along with the rest of his little clique!
  3. I wouldnt worry,no doubt in a while he will have an 'accident'.
  4. I'd steer clear of the Millenium hotel if I were him.

    Sergei we have laws about this sort of thing, doubtless Knacker of the Yard is already consulting M'Learned friends to see if there is a way they can improve their clear up figures.
  5. What a silly boy. He might want to lock him self in a lead lined room and eat only what he has cultivated and made himself....and not drink anything....or he could just lay himself down in the coffin right now
  6. Sergey

    If some misguided Brit politico wanted to retire to sunny Moskva and then talk total b*llocks from his dacha I do not think anybody here would give a flying proverbial. You will recall that one or two misguided Russki-loving arrse bandits from Cambridge ended up living out a miserable existence in your benighted city, and no one paid them much heed. Plus we in the UK enjoy the benefits of a fully developed and confident democracy (Bliar has told us, so it must be true). So any Brit stupid enough to condemn his government and encourage their destruction from the comfort of some hovel in the Urals is welcome to fill his furry boots. By the way I have spent some time in your country and it is sh*t and I can see why everybody is pissed all the time (everybody smells, your women dress like tarts from a Borat movie, your food is obnoxious and everybody wears shell suits). You cannot blame a few Slav super-rich from seeing sense and buying a decent lifestyle in our glorious country, go for a walk and you will see I am right.

    On this map you can see Pushkin square (the place of the detention) - it is in the Upper-Left corner of the map (there are 3 red M's here). Turgenev Square (allowed place for the demostration) is in the Upper-Middle part of the map (there are 2 red and one grey M's here). Both squares are approximately on the same distance for the Kremlin (triangle in the bottom).
  8. I don't know what the fuss is about. Russian emigre dissidents and revolutionaries have been dwelling here since the middle of the nineteenth century...although this time it is possibly not quite such a red revolution they are plotting!
  9. The UK granted a status of political refugee to mr.Berezovsky. And about a year ago British FM ...

    So the warning was made. But mr.Berezovky in fact ignored it. Do word of British FM cost anything or they are just an empty declaration? It is a question about real power. Whom does it really belong? British government or foreign crooks like mssrs. Berezovsky and Abramovitch?

    Mr.Berezovsky stole a lot in Russia mainly using sophisticated financial schemes but there is one well documented case - $13 mlns. - really a change for the tycoon (his fortune really is much bigger than estimated 800 mln BP).

    British court hasn't even looked into the mentioned case because of his status of political refugee.
  10. You're right, Berezovsky is a big thief (oligarch) who stole hundreds of millions from Russia and who's tried to cloak himself in some pro-democracy clothing, which is pure horsesh*t to anyone aware of what was happening in Russia in the early-mid 90s and his role in it. The only thing different from him and the other big thieves is that those who supported Putin have been protected, those that don't spend time in jail or exile.
  11. [/quote]

    Probably the same as their reaction when Russia was running Burgess, Mclean & Blunt.
  12. Couldn't agree more. Thieves that support mr.Putin are safe. There are rumours that nemely mr.Berezovsky promoted Vladimir Putin as pres.Yeltsin successor.

    Btw, as I remember the former ENRON's boss supported and funded highly esteemed, learned mr.Bush. Also cash for honour affair in the UK springs in mind. So if you meant that all corruption is concentrated in Russia then I rather disagree. Though level of Russian corruption is much higher, of course it's huge.

    GDav, suppose that a leader of IRA would make comments of mentioned type from Moscow threatening to use violed methods. I suppose that the reaction of British government would be very tough.
  13. You want to be there in summer when they knock the hot water/central heating system off in the summer... fack me! :( There is a grot problem in mainland Russia however I like the women dressing up as tarts (at least they don't eat boxes of them like the fat slags do here) and as for the food
    its pretty good. pirog and pelemi was down with ice cold kvas is as good as any takeaway food in the world
  14. Don't be naive. The IRA have been telling the British Government they're going to overthrow them by violence since 1916. Didn't stop Russia seeling them arms and ammunition did it?
  15. Perhaps Berezovsky reads Arrse and I need to be a bit more careful with my comments.

    Sorry about that, Vlad.