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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Villain, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Can someone give me a heads up on how the London Allowance works. At present I am serving in Twickenham and do not receive the allowance(fair enough you might say),however the unit down the road receive it, even though they are furthur away.

    I have tried to address this at source,but the reply was that we our not on the list?

    Any Ideals.
  2. Here is the DS, RAAC, Ch 15, para 15.462, RRA(L) (London Allowance) will be granted under the conditions specified for each day for which full pay is received, to Service personnel of 1* rank and below of the Regular Forces and members of the Reserve Forces undertaking FTRS or Part Time reserve service under Additional Duties Commitments who are serving on the posted strength of, or attached for duty at, an establishment in the areas specified below for a period which is expected to exceed 91 days, (not aggregated). The specified areas are: a. Inner London, the area within 5 miles from Charing Cross (statue of King Charles 1) b. Units within Cavalry Bks, Hounslow c. Units within Woolwich Garrison. The allowance ceases if you are absent from place of employment on the 29th day, you are posted or attachment ceases, the rate is £3.47 per day for all ranks
  3. Is the unit down the road in Cavalry Bks, see my previous post)?
  4. LongJohn thanks for the reply, first time I known for the military to judge an allowance on a statue.
    My nextdoor neighbour is happy though as he receives the allowance
  5. What would it be written on your pay statement,

    Mrs armadillo looking at a set of expensive shoes and imn getting worried.?
  6. armadillo, "RRA(L)"
  7. Cheers LJS
  8. Anyone fancy moving the statue west so that units in west London get a fair deal
  9. I am moving to MOD Main Building later this year, what other allowances can I expect for living in London? I am married, so no doubt I will be on a patch (The Keep).
  10. I served there 1998 - 2001, I don't think it's changed to much, you should get RRA(L) and a Rail Season Ticket (which you will have to contribute towards) to get you into work, (unless that's changed under the new allowances), the lower rate of civilian clothing allowance and that is it fella.
  11. I remember when a Guards battalion got London Allowences for being based in Pirbright, a good 30 plus miles from the city.

    Dont know what the boundries are, but Twickenham is obviously London and Middlesex aswell I think.,
  12. Armadillo, Where did you get this quote from please?
  13. Ever heard of googling it? :D

    It's from the movie, The Rock.
  14. I'm currently based at RAF Northolt, I know that some places get RRA(L) like northwood which is just up the road from me but why should they get it and I don't being based at northolt which is prob closer to central London than Northwood is. I know the real reason, it's down to all ther high ranking officers based there. Is there anyone out there that will be able to tell me why certain camp get it and other do?
  15. Are you sure about that fella? I never got it when I was there.