London Allowance for the Chop

BBC News - Ministry of Defence cuts armed forces' London allowance

I actually agree with this cut. I have known that people who live nearby have never qualified. Look at the amount of garrison towns that is in the commuter london belt and personnel never got anything. Anywhere you get posted in the reading, colchesterwindsor areas etc and pay london prices, ( if not more) expensive and you get diddly squat..... In my eyes its a unfair and dated allowance.....
Its not sour grapes at all. It just the balance of fairness with allowances, which has never been fair.... I am ex sps and firmly belive in the balance of fairness on allowances, but believe soldiers shouldnt be out of pocket neither. I always shovelled out blind to help guys what they were entitled too, even if it was a heated debate with the RAO's. Because some of them treated the regs with spin and with a view that it was thier own money and not the MOD's.....
Allowances were initiated for a reason. Whether you think it's "fair" or not is irrelevant; the point is that it is yet another piece of chipping away at the quality of life in the forces. In the grand scheme of things, actually how much of a percentage of military pay do you think london weighting is? Peanuts, so this measure will do little more than p!ss people off. One of the reasons I left was that I took an effective 15% pay cut over six months whilst serving in Germany. Military pay is not where the savings need to be made.
Its not pay - it's an allowance. therefore what you earn and what you get is the fundemental difference. I am saying the Allowance is is not balanced. Pay needs to addressed not the allowances, same as the pension cut its pay related and not ALLOWANCE related!
Pay, allowances, whatever....I'm not that much of a spotter......the bottom line is that any move that reduces the amount of disposable income Joe Soldier gets is a bad thing, surely you agree? And London weighting is an easy one as it affects a relatively small percentage of HMF; what's next?.........
Thats the point Charley. If the redress of balance for allowances was made then PAY could be increased... see my point?
Whats next?...

CEA hopefully, unless you are serving overseas, and have a posting expectation.


(Awaits incoming)
No, not really. Do you really think that there is any way that given the current financial state this country, and others, are in that the government would even consider a pay rise, even with a removal of allowances? And this from an legislature that won't put £26K cap on benefits...................I agree that military pay is a mess, especially having had to brief the JESJET panel a few years ago as to why a certain trade should earn more than another - hugely devisive - but not my point. I'm with Fallschirmjager; why would a cut in income ever be a good thing?
I agree with Fallschirmjager, any cut is a bad thing for forces pay. Look on this as a test case, if this allowance can go without too many dramas, then the next one and the next one, then onto trade pay, cynical? Perhaps, but I noticed a little item that said troops were being brought back from Afghanistan for a few days on longer tours so that they can't claim non-dom tax status. It may be true it may not, but it shows the petty attitude of the MOD and taxman.

I see that the MOD has no forced redundancies for CS staff according to the NAO.


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Simple - move all servicemen/women out of London.

In today's age of communication and travel ease -and before you go on about traffic jams and poor trains just go back a hundred years or so and see how travel and communications have improved - there is no real reason to retain troops in London except for Ceremonial Duties and that does not need a whole set up like London Dist to look after what amounts to about one company of soldiers at any one time.
No cut income is good thing - I am in agreement, but if they going to cut it this is one allowance that should go, refer to first post whereas blokes who lived in the commuter belt got sweet FA. However where are they going to make the cuts otherwise, as you have just mentioned about our times of austerity? I rather the beancounters do the maths and salami slicing like this, than further blokes lose thier jobs......just food for thought
No CS are being forced out as I'm guessing they are queueing up to take VERS BEFORE the system then looks to boot people with a much worse deal.

London recruiting and retention allowance today, just about any other allowance tomorrow - watch this space!


Many members of the armed forces based in the UK capital are to lose their London allowance under cost saving plans, the Ministry of Defence said.

The London recruitment and retention allowance is designed to contribute to the "higher costs encountered during a permanent assignment" in London.

From 1 April, the allowance will stop for the rank of sergeant and above.

The MoD said it needed to make savings set out by the prime minister.

The change affects the British Army, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force.
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Are the MPs losing their London weighting?”

London sergeant

About 2,000 people will lose the allowance, said the MoD, while 3,000 at the rank of corporal or below will not.

This will provide a saving of about £2.9m a year.
BBC News - Ministry of Defence cuts armed forces' London allowance

Another reason not to be posted to London!
This move on the chess board only removes a sacrificial pawn, whilst nicely opening up their next move to take the bishop a much more valuable prize. This will look like chicken feed on the way to removing LOA from the board.

If they see no need to continue paying this money in the current circumstances, because you do not really need a London weighting allowance, how on earth can they now justify continuing to pay people LOA will be their next argument..

Simple really.

Somebody on another thread asked where the LOA tables for April could be found. Well there really is no point printing timetables for a service that is due to be cancelled anyway.
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Bugger! I even looked in CA!
Old age does that to you :p

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