London accomodation query

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by chunky, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. I am shortly to be posted to MOD Main Building and am unsure what I am entitled to in terms of accomodation. I'm married and under 37. If I retain my current quarter and leave my family where it is (loads of surplus, shouldn't be difficult) am I entitled to anything in London or would I have to pay for a flat myself?
    Any guidance gratefully received because I was supposed to get an answer for my wife ages ago :)
  2. Have you spoke to the Camp Commandants Office mate? You should have received an Admin pack from them which answers these types of questions.
  3. Not seen I'm afraid. Don't suppose you knoe the answer in vague terms?
  4. Chunky I am pretty sure that the majority in Main Building are on SSSA/FIA, that said only if you get retention of your quarter where you are now. I believe current rate of FIA is £11.58 per day. :D
  5. Yep, there is no Military Accom for MOD, thus SSSA accom and FIA applies (and what a time I had on it aswell), as pointed out you need to go through MOD Commandant's (AD) department at MB, you can at least get the application in sooner rather than later as you will have to meet with a field agent who will take you round 3 properties for you to decide on 1, remember that you may well have to share unless you are willing to pay whatever excess on top of the SSSA allowance for accom to stay in accom of your own choice.
  6. It's highly likely I'll be off to Abbey Wood soon and my mate has said that this is also the way forward down there.

    Can anyone give me the latest rates of allowance and FIA, and where and where not to live in around Abbey Wood?

    Many thanks

  7. In a similar position to Chunky, I am overseas and would like to conatct MB - Camp Commandants Office. CAn some provide e-mail or GPTN for them?

  8. Those working in London are entitled to:

    - A second home allowance

    - Furnishings up to £20k

    - No need to keep expences receipts

    - You get an allowance to employ family members

    - Heavily discounted meals/drinks at the office

    and some other stuff.