London 2012

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chasndave, Aug 23, 2008.

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  1. Beijing's opening ceremony was absolutely awesome; watching BBC News this morning, at the opening ceremony of 2012 we are due to be treated to the following icons:

    Beckham (TAPS scum-baller who speaks like a 10yr old retard)
    Leona Lewis (pretty enough girl with a good voice but still a "vote-for-Joe-show" export)
    Jimmy Page (the Led Zepp guitarist)
    A red London Bus!!!!!

    Tosser Jowell was on TV recently, saying that the budget was capped at £9-and-a-bit BILLION. For the opening ceremony's slice of that, is this REALLY the best that our great nation will be able to present to the rest of the world?
    Who or what do we think would best represent the UK at the opening of 2012 (apart from Brown/Browne/Blears/Hoon/Smith/Darling "adopting the postion" at Traitor's Gate?
  2. What a pile of garbage, with the exception of Mr Page. Maybe by then we wont even have these 'cultural icons'. A mass parade of p1ssed and Burberry clad chavs and hoodies would add quantity, if not quality, no shortage of them fcukers.
  3. Still 21
    Couldn't agree more mate!!
    Have just noticed though that I ain't the first to think of this topic (now where have I heard that before??!!).

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  4. Donno how many of you noticed, but Olympic flag in Peking (yes, not catering for China calling it Beijing..) :twisted: ..was raised by bunch of people in uniform (PLA or police, no idea). That is direct violation of ancient Olympic spirit.

    You could try to top that with having the flag hoisted by Para Mortar platoon. :p
  5. The opening ceremony will be superb guys, because hopefully it'll be us running the country by then.

    Every other fucker has had a go, lets bring on the coup'd'etat and let us have a turn.
  6. LONDON 2012

    To me, despite the astounding efforts our the men and women in Beijing, this will mean embarrassment of the most tawdry 'tat' and a huge bill on my doorstep - I live in London.

    My only hope is that Boris Johnson will get a mega-grip on the cost of the ludicrous 'look how big my willy is' fatuous nonsense.

    PS: Does anyone know who paid for Bliar's 'jolly' to Beijing? - plus his repellent wife and a selection of his 'spawn from Hell'. Safe bet he didn't pay.
  7. His trip was sponsored and paid for by the Chinese Government. Actually the main purpose of his visit was to advise the Chinese Government on how to run an oppressive Communist dictatorship - allegedly.
  8. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I wonder if the fact that the Red Arrows did a flypast will put paid to that ridiculous bloody email/petition that keeps cropping up every couple of months when some dullard posts it - again.

    Probably not. :roll:
  9. I would like to know what the flying fcuk Beckham has got to do with the Olympics?

    His involvement (and that Leona thing) shows that they are bound to put on a show in 2012 that will be aimed at appeasing the Sun reading, Costa-Del-Sol holidaying, Eastenders watching, Burberry Cap wearing, Pizza Hut dining, Girls Aloud listening chav majority!

  10. I was watching the closing ceremony with all the Chinese dancers in their traditional dress. I was thinking what the hell is our traditional dress? Tracksuits or shell suits?

    Boris Johnson, what a f*cking *********. You see him when he went up to wave the olympic flag around, there he was with two other blokes smartly dressed, then there is **** head boris who is got his belly hanging out creased shirt and jacket unbuttoned! bell-end! I actually felt embarrassed watching him.

    But good effort but the Olympians! Good array of medals, especially golds!

    Sangreal, I like your video, hilarious, watched it about 10 times now!
  11. i liked Boris Johnson. Showed the world what us brits are really like: Do we give a f*ck about how everyone else behaves? Do we f*ck!

    and he made a better effort at waving the flag than the other plonkers, he was generally a more jovial character.
  12. B0llocks, he was brilliant

    Suppose you'd want either of the last two lying smarmy cnuts of PM's there, or howabouts the last London Mayor who would have probably surrendered the Capital to the first Communist rep that arrived.

    Boris is a breath of fresh air that says "fcuk you" to the PC wallahs and the rest of the world instead of acting like a Lieabour puppy dog.
  13. Exactly! Now he just needs to prove he's competent and then we'll be on a winner.

    <Decides against holding breath>
  14. As Tessa, has said there will be no more money for 2012. I have the inside info on the opening ceremony will be a spot light on a lone man standing in the middle of the stadium and pops a party popper.................POP, the games are now open.

  15. Sounds good to me.That wouldn't go on for four hours would it?