London 2012 - Is It Worth It?

London 2012 - Is it Worth It?

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London 2012 Organising Committee is being given a hard time (with a fair amount of criticism for the Government as well). See:

My question is: Do you think the cost of the Games is worth it?

In my view it is worth every penny. I have a good degree of confidence in Seb Coe and his team, who are hugely committed. The key problem is the Government, who are stumping up a paltry sum in terms of capital costs. As usual Gordon Brown hates anyone doing anything fun. The Games will inspire young people and will be fantastic for the UK tourist industry (not just London's). It will regenerate much of East London. It is already having an impact on train links. The money spent by visitors etc will be in the tens if not hundreds of millions of pounds. Even Athens came out of the experience well.

What do you think? You decide!
No No a thousand times NO!

It will be a complete cünt-up from start to finish.

Look a the dome or the new Wembley stadium. we can't do shit like that any more. It will be embarrassing.


New Wembley - nearly 1 Billion squid...

Fook me, lets renovate and upgrade London, thats not gonna cost much :pissedoff:
It's only worth it if it is given the full support it deserves. (Bit like most of what the Armed Forces are asked to do).

Being given the Olympics is a bit like a country being given a task for a Confidential Report.

Cut the beurocracy out of it, cut the input from ministers out of it and let Seb and his bunch crack on with it.

In the final throws of our once great Empire, lets at least show the rest of the world what once made Britain Great.

If the outsiders are allowed to interfere and if Brown doesn't get on board, it will end up like a badly organised school sports day for mongs.


Why should the rest of the country pay to regenerate london with its crap transport links and overpriced accommodation when Manchester has all the facilities from the commonwealth along with Birmingham and heaven forbid Cardiff which seems to be the new wembley.
The 2012 situation really grates me. Why is dirty London the centre of everything that should be decent but is instead a shambles.

Of course it's not worth it. I think of the Millenium Dome, New Wembley and the 2012 Olympics in this way:

Bear with me a moment! We entered WWII in 1939, against the odds the BEF survived Dunkirk, against the odds London continued throughout the Blitz, against the odds we repelled the Luftwaffe and won The Battle of Britain, overcame the odds in the Atlantic and Africa, took hold of Europe from Normandy and went on to push Hitler back to Berlin. We did all this against the odds, with huge losses to life and infrastucture, living in fear and suppression and all in just under 6 years.

Yet we can't build a fcuking stupid Dome without making ourselves the laughing stock of Europe. Then we make further cnuts of ourself over Wembley which will have taken as long as the second war would you beleive. The same goes for 2012. It's a shambles and how we are the worlds 4th most powerful ecomomy is a mystery to me because we can't even get close in estimating the cost of it. And they want lottery money now, the fcuking cheek of it.

And for what? A few 'up their own hoop' athletes and two weeks extra tourism. It's a false economy. Shameful, really shameful.
Oh, and Flash. I sincerely like your sentiments about empire, last throw, Great Briatain and all that but so far this debacle has highlighted far less than patriotism. I am only aware of greed, greed and greed from 'great' Britons wanting to rip off the tax payer (c'mon, we're paying for this crap) and squeeze every last penny in land value and compensation. Makes me weep with pride. NOT.


Surely you mean London 2013ish (construction and legal bunfighting pending)

We can't even build ourselves a bloody football stadium on time and in budget, let alone bring the whole world over here.

2012 has got disaster written all over it, from start to finish.
A few recent "triumphs":
The dome,
all of the millenium projects,
manchester games,
diana fountain,
nhs computer system,

ALL of the aforementioned were/are publicly funded and were/are over budget and late!


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