London 2012 Games mascots - Exiting PM Honored

Lord Coe said it was aimed at the kids, they're going to buy a lot of tickets, it only cost a few thousand so that's alright then.
Well, these 'Things' are a good descriptor for the state of the Collective minds of Neues Arbeits..... all in honor of the One eyed man Who Thought He was King......

They could always perform 'lewd and libidinous acts' with each other..... :) :p
This what happens when you create these things by committee and observe every PC diktat NuLabour throws at you!

I always thought London already had a mascots in the Beefeaters, why change something that works!
A couple of outer space one-eyed pen!s refugees from Dr. Who?? and London was laughing over the Canadian Olympic ' mascots'???

yeah, they sell a lot of them...if they come in hard plastic with batteries for the ' mature ' woman...

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