London 11/02/06 Demonstration

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by blessed baby cakes, Feb 10, 2006.

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  1. Im sure Comissioner Blair has informed the ground troops not to arrest anyone!!!!!!

    Bring in the CRS, now they put on a good show!!
  2. Ah fond memories come flooding back
    Hannover Airport during GW1
    Peaceniks start a very noisy and messy demo,
    Herman the german police turn up in their little tank
    and hose down the protesters with the water cannons
    Absolute quality
    Now anyone know where i can buy a surplus Green Goddess and a good water pump?
  3. "Muslim Council of Britain secretary general Sir Iqbal Sacranie said the aim of the rally was to protest against the "rising wave of xenophobia towards Muslims across Europe".

    I'm sure it would help if Muslims did not fly planes into big buildings, blow up tube trains or cut off peoples heads.
  4. ...or advocate the murder of anyone who disagrees with them.
  5. Awesome quote, well done that man.
  6. Well, so long as they have permission to be within 1 mile of Westminster that's OK.
  7. No news of a counter protest on the BNP site...something similar to the old-school BUF vs Filthy Commies riots would have been a real treat to see.
  8. Oh well....

    Tornado riot squads!!!!!!!

    I would love to watch a riot, infact becasue of the likely hood I'm going to have news 24 on all day tomorow, now someone be kind and run along to the photocopier and make lots of copies get in a helicopter and drop lots of leaflets like the Spams did in Afghanistan, that will boost their morale.
  9. Demo is probably just to distract the police so that they can re-locate their training camp!!
  10. And I thought I was cynical. :p

  11. This does raise the interesting question of what happens if someone in the crowd commits a crime during this demo and the police attempt an arrest. I'd like to think that the rest of the crowd will quietly part and allow the officers to do their job (as is the duty of everyone in this country).

    The prospect that they won't and that therefore individuals will get away with breaking the law is a worrying one - it sends the message that a big enough crowd - even peaceful - can do what it likes because the upper echelons of the Met lack either the resources to contain a potential riot or the will to even potentially risk such an outbreak.
  12. kind of sums up this bullsh1t.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. Tomorrow in Munster there is a muslim parade at 10am then at 1400 there is a right wing anti-muslim parade
    the army has been told not to go out on the beer . Should be fun for the GCP .
  14. Thats jsut given me hte Idea of a Pork products Stall serving warm food to all passers by....