London 10k run for Combat Stress - 2007

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by drain_sniffer, Jan 23, 2007.

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  1. Reading the abandoned soldier thread has got me thinking that as I will be back in the UK soon I could get off my Arrse and do something for Combat-stress, SSAFA etc. I know Arrsers have done this before and I did the first one in 2001. It takes place on Sunday 1st July

    Has anyone put any thoughts into organising an Arrse team for this year, or shall I get the ball rolling. All info/input welcome
  2. Thought I'd put in a post to keep you on the index DS...

    ... but I have to admit, when I saw your title... I was thinking... Jesus, you can't live in London on 10 grand a year! :oops:
  3. I'm running it
  4. Rosie at combat stress and Goatman organised last year - I don't know if it is too early for her to post yet? I need to start running now to get fit enough to crawl round the 10k :)
  5. I have just emailed Rosie to get info. I saw your post poppy which is why I thought of this. Having looked at the site, it looks as though they accepting entrance forms.
  6. Had an email back from Rosie at combat stress. There are places for this years run, but you need to raise £100 minimum sponsership. Any takers?
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    If you are organising put my name down.

    Me'n'Bee, ScaleyFin and I ran it last year. I did it in deserts with a Combat Stress singlet and Scaley did it in CS95 carrying a bergan full of Carlsberg - he was practising for mud-runs at Horsea. We only caught him up on the Embankment about a mile from the finish.....Me'N'Bee just floated round on a wave of adulation from the admiring crowds and toxic quantities of Brufen....

    Happy to go deserts with boots and 'As seen on EBay and issued to Speshul Fawces ' floppy hat for extra impact if required.

    Or indeed wearing the hyper-practical and bizarrely seductive 'ARRSE Road Runners ' technical singlet !

    See Combat Stress Newsletter here

    ( :highfive: and once again ,many thanks to those ARRSERS who supported us on the day. )

    Folks, for people who missed out on the FLM ballot yet again, this is a great race to do.

    There's been a lot of mewling and whinging about race organisation on the Runner's World websites about the London 10K and it's rep with runners is poor as a result - IGNORE the whinging civvies and get stuck in ...I PROMISE you will enjoy the day !


    Lee Shaver
  8. Im up for it was a hard run due to the weather being damn hot but we managed it and scaley fins is a nutjob lol
  9. I'll sponser the 1st person to PM me ,whos doing the run, for £20. You need to accept paypal though.
  10. I am up for it, be my last contribution whilst in uniform. best start training now though!
  11. Goatman gets the sponsorship he was first.

    Goatman you got a PM.
  12. Right, we best start a dedicated runners list so that we can arrange a meetup point etc....

    Me n Bee

    feel free to add yourself
  13. I'm up for running that.
  14. Sponsored mee n bee last year in lieu of running it myself due to a prior engagement the night before (read: promise of an all night drunken party with laser clay shooting :D ) HOWEVER, after failing to gain a place the FLM ballot I was subsequently offered, and was delighted to accept, a Golden Bond place by Combat Stress :omg: :D

    If I'm still alive after the rapidly approaching event on 22 April I will gladly run the 10k for them in July.

    Err, what I'm getting at is that I'm definitely a yes, providing I'm not six feet under. :dead:

    PS. Begging for sponsorship for the FLM for SUCH a worthy cause will commence shortly. :wink:
  15. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I had a PM from someone asking me about last year's race.

    Hope they won't mind too much if I copy my response here as it may help some folk who are havering to decide whether or not to come out and play on the day :

    Cor, brightened my day that has....I may even go for a slow trot along the sea front to celebrate.

    Le Chevre