London 10k for Combat Stress - ARRSE team

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by .Dolly, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. Any runners/walkers/hoppers/crawlers fancy that warm and fuzzy feeling you get for doing something really worthwhile? Then PLEASE join this year's ARRSE contingent running in the London 10k on 12 July in aid of Combat Stress.

    Most of the usual suspects will be there, both running and banner/brew bitching but there is always room for more.

    I'm doing a passable impression of a blue-arrsed fly at present with intermittent net access, so Goatman will be on hand to answer any Q. On landing I'll add a pic or two from last year's event to highten your enthusiasm in joining in (don't panic,previous team mates, it'll be fully black nastied).

    There should still be time to grab a Combat Stress place, call Richard at CS on 01372 841624. Minimum sponsorship isn't too arduous, something like 150 beer tokens I believe but that's not set in stone. Or if you already have a place you'd of course be welcome to join us anyway.

    For those who desperately want to haul their asses round the streets of London but are busy washing their hair then please sling a couple of quid in one of the team member's out stretched palms:

    Panzer Soldat nobly bowed to my pressure a few months ago: Dare you to click this

    and another: and this one too

    Saintstone - you still got the date fablonned into your diary?
    Sandbanks/PassingBells - either of you around to demonstrate your superb banner bitching prowess again?

  2. Day off sorted, .Dolly, if you need a hand with anything on the day, bell me
  3. Great :D
    You're one half of our banner bitch team, hopefully someone else can be press-ganged, else you'll need extra long arms!
  4. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    What time does it kick off? I will have to 'do' the two Nags that I am horse sitting in Hants before heading off; if the timings work then I am happy to 'bitch it' with Sainty!
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    <<< BUMP >>>

    .dolly - I'll be there.....picked up the ARRSE banner from Alec - where do you want it ?

    To those who haven't done this run......ARRSE Charity Combat Stress have a number of sponsored runners this year.


    If you are running this year , add yer name to the list ( regardless of which charity).

    If you can't run anymore but would like in some way to help - follow this LINK.

    ( gawd bless yer Guv'nor , finger to brim of non-existent flat cap)

    It's a big race - last year 16,000 runners. Don't go along thinking about a 10K PB - for one thing there are a couple of undulations and for another there are FAR too many people at the Start.

    Last year we got surprisingly eased to the back of the queue through attempting to hang together - can't remember when the race starts (10 oclock I think) but this year I'm going to try and be up at the Start at least half an hour before hand.

    Panzer boy - get those black daps on mate !

    Le Chevre
  6. Your knees still work?
  7. What time is FP Goatman,do I have to bull my road slappers or will highly polished suffice? What about parking my wheels, can I park within 5 metres if the finish line for a getaway to the Glorious North???
  8. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    First Parade last time was (IIRC) 0800 Trafalgar Square which is a hop, shuffle and creak from the baggage drop. I'm travelling up Saturday and will be staying in the area if you fancy a glass or three.

    No baggage, no medal.

    For those who have fond memories of the slick organisation of the Flora London Marathon ( and who are just doing a 10K as a warm up for their normal training run....) forget it - unless they have really got their act together since last year, think CHAOS.

    Unlike FLM with separate pens according to anticipated time, you just join a great long queue of people at the Start line....earlier you get there , better your 'Clock time'.......took us about five minutes from the hooter to cross the Start last year ( but then we were almost at the back).....FairMaidO'Perth and a couple of others took off like rockets to catch up of us sort of ambled along....

    I ran in a Combat Stress running top, desert 95s' with boots and floppy hat last year......I think I've been out too long to do carry it off any more though :) ( " Hi, I'm Goatman.....but my friends call me Walt....")

    Mikal - yes, my knees both currently operational thanks....look forward to watching you disappear into the distance if you are joining us !

    Le Chevre
  9. Myself, and Im_Bored are running it for H4H. You wont miss us it'll be fat bloke with a beard and a thinner bloke both receeding and wearing H4H vests with red T's underneath, and somewhere near the back.
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    List so far.....

    The seagull

    good on yer Seagull ( are you an Outboard in disguise?)

    For some reason , not a lot of people seem to know that H4H donated a cool THREE MILLION to Combat Stress last year....just like that!

    Anyone running for H4H counts as brothers in arms mate...look fwd to seeing you there.

    Don Cabra
  11. On the earlier post query of parking, I can provide a load, freebies on Tottenham Court Road. It's not a quantum leap from here to Traf Sq. Likewise, for those that want to get changed here, deposit kit etc. not a problem. Goatman knows the location and I'm very happy to assist :D
  12. Hoefully you'll spot me in amongst the massive crowd. Not had my race number yet but I'll post it on here to aid ID. Though I'll be wearing a H4H vest.

    Looking forward to it. Hopefully I'll be able to generate some decent sponsorship.

    Though I'm planning on doing the Para's 10 (in boots with bergan) in September for H4H too.
  13. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Hoo-ah !

    Good man Alec.......any showers up yr way ?

    List so far:
    The Seagull

    Anyone else ?

    Look fwd to seeing you in the Park after the event ?

    Who's carrying the slab this year ?

    Lee Shaver
  14. Thanks Grem, it's an early race start on this one, 0935hrs, but do hope you can make it; I expect the ARRSE team will RV similar to usual - Trafalgar Square, NW corner, 0830 ish. Do the nags early? Shove their fly masks on, quick squirt of spray and a check over for leaking claret wouldn't take long....? Please say yes, you don't really need all that sleep.
  15. Mikal - you're a superstar, sponsorship MUCH appreciated, thank you :hug:

    Goats - apologies for missing the call, time difference in canuck-land didn't help. I've returned in once piece(ish) but perhaps not so raring to hobble around Londinium thus I still harbour sedan chair fantasies...!