London 10k for Combat Stress - ARRSE contingent

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by .Dolly, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. Calling all ARRSErs, it's the time of year once more when Combat Stress are looking for bodies to run the London 10k on their behalf. As you know for the past 7 years or so ARRSE has provided CS with its very own merry band of runners/lurchers/hobblers/limpers.

    Anyone who ran last year should shortly be receiving an email inviting them to do so again, however to make life a little easier for CS they've asked me to forward the form to interested parties on their behalf.

    This year's date is Sunday 08 July, is London's second largest with around 25,000 runners and is being hyped as extra special due to the proximity of Olympics. All that bollocks aside the ARRSE team always has a blast and we usually reward our efforts with a post race re-hydration session. CS require a minimum sponsorship which I believe is around £150 but not set in stone, but they do cover the entry fee, provide a t-shirt and lay on a superb picnic in St James' Park to boot so please do your best.

    Joke62/Alec_Lomas/Jacob1650/Gremlin... might you chaps be available for more stirling support team banner bitching/security/abuse hurling/showering services/photography?

    Aside from any new blood, Goaty/Panzer/Farmboy/Soldier_girl anyone from any of the previous ARRSE mobs over the years fancy another bash?

    PM me your details and I'll send you the form (or of course contact CS independently if you're concerned with persec!)
  2. I'll be doing the usual along with the usual hangers on/followers.
  3. Excellent, cheers Joker... and sorry for typing 'Joke62' earlier that I've just noticed!
  4. Not a problem, .Doily ;-)
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  5. Sounds good :)
  6. I'm too dignified to run, but I could help with the abuse hurling or other services.
  7. Welcome to the Happy Gang, Stanley, Happy because we don't have to run and even happier because we start drinking earlier :)
  8. I'm thinking of inviting my teetotal +1 for this so it will be a sobering day for me :-(
  9. Count me in again. I'm aiming for a slower time than last year.
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  10. It usually is good, if a tad warm. Are you volunteering then Val?

    Nice one Stan, welcome aboard, finer details likely to be as every previous (on numerous threads) but obviously we'll let you know nearer the time. :)

    Bravo FB that lofty aim is admirable, I usally just aim to remain breathing!
  11. count me in send me PM please
  12. Responded. Good to have you back on board this year.
  13. I shall be travelling down and staying Fri+Sat night in the fine surroundings of the UJC with my 2 i/c and the rest of the section (missus and kids).

    Are any C/S aware of any locations in which it's ok to bring kids to view the remarkable (and traditional) spectacle of their dear Pater getting smashed.

    Will be good to catch up with you fine folk again and partake in purchasing treble Jameson for Alec in the impossible mission of trying to get him shitters enough to fall down the wooden staircase.
  14. Good to hear it Panzy my dear, and appreciate the trot around London is nowt compared to hauling your arrse(s) across the country to join in. I'll be happy to assist you with your Alec mission but I'll wager we'll both be skint before it's achieved, he's a legend which is why we shouldn't break him - that staircase is a bit vicious, even without a skin full!
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  15. The Goatster is still Lent-ing, however he asked me to post a response on his behalf:

    To which my answer would be: knock yourself out with making your fantasy a reality Goaty! Fishnets would be more fitting though, barely blacks are so passé. I'll could wear the pants, but not to the exclusion of anything else (I know the way your mind works...) Under, or over the top of my go-faster strides maybe, but I wouldn't want to traumatise the London throng with my acreage - Combat Stress have more than enough on their plate. :wink: