Go on then,

Anyone remember that fantastic Discotechque (showing my age now dont they call then clubs now?).

Warden I know you do :lol:

If you do then post your memories here also does anyone know if it still exists? I am due a mid life crisi and think I should go there in my maroon staypres trousers or farahs and get drunk and moonwalk to Jackop or duran duran


1. For crisi please read crisis.

2. For Jackop please read Jacko (as in friend of monkeys and children). :?
Yo Ginge my man!!!

Bin in UK and just got back. Obviously we are the only ones who ever went. We had all that fun to ourselves and there was therefore no real reason why I had to drop the thug. So it is you who nicked my red stay press polyester pants. I thought it was only Q Man who wore things like that nowadays!!!!!!!!

What I want to knpw did Jacko (as in the ugly cnut with wierd ears in 61, get such beautiful girls to hang off him. Was Flip top really an Alien with large Teeth?????

Answers on a stamp to Me or Ginge!
Guys you of course were not the only ones, and I do remember many a good Sunday night in the lollipops, strutting around the dance floor in a pair of cut jeans and a hooded top. ow god what was I thinking. Still got laid more than once.....

By all accounts it is no more, all though I have not been lucky enough to check it out.

It was the third thing on my list after a Gyro, visit to a house of ill repute, and tax free car showroom.... LOL I should be so lucky hay Ginge !
Perhaps, I would like to think that I have not been forgoten simply becouse I have left the land of milk and honey !!!!!!

Although not sure what that strange word means.........

PS. ow how I long for the sweat taste of Gyros 8O
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