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Yes, yes, been floating around for a little while but...........

My Mother in Law (who has been mildly bonkers for years but has now gone into religous nut case mode) has just called up Mrs B. and asked if either of my sons use this terrible expression, which was discussed in great depth at her bible study class this very evening and they were all urged to spread the word.



Why do all retired officers working for the MOD always whinge about their pay and conditions.

They could always leave the comfort zone they have known for so long and try to get a proper job in the big bad world.

But then no one would salute them and call them sir. *And of course theres no officers mess close by to lounge in and read the paper until going home time!! :)
I think people who write this shit have already been used for medical experiments. Unfortunately it wasnt in pathology.

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Dunno what went on above. I quoted goatys post and that random shit came up. New android arrse app?????

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A religious distant relative has the wrong idea of it's meaning. At a funeral last year I noticed his sympathy card said. "Sorry for your loss. LOL".

Stupid twat is a doctor as well.

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