Why me? Why not!

Why me? Why not!
Why me? Why not!

If you want sympathy try looking in the dictionary between sh*t and syphalis, don't look for it on ARRSE, you will only end up disappointed.
8chris4 said:
last night i was victim to a stabbing in my leg,don't care what anybody says but the guy stabbed me in the leg and i don't care but im getting him charged and don't care if i get called a grass cause i shouldn't get stabbed for nothing

I don't care either....innit.
A good friend of mine works as a nurse in a high dependency unit up north and swears he has never nursed a stab victim he would not happily have stabbed himself, apart from that he's very placid.
if ur not lookin for sympathy why bother whingin bout it on here. man the fuck up boy

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