Discussion in 'Campaigns' started by Moodybitch, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Okay, I will be talking to everyone who is attending on different days, as I need to sort the logistics of getting leaflets to everyone on each day.

    Will let everyone know whats sorted and hopefully will run smoothly.....if anyone has any input feel free to add here
  2. We'll need to think about how to transfer the leaflets to each group. Have-car-will-travel, therefore I can, if necessary, travel into The Shot *shudder* and make a stop-off to collect a batch from Moody.
  3. Ha! You brave woman!

    I am dropping some off in Sahf Landan to Pies, which will cover saturday activities. Let me have a look at it today and we can work out best way forward.

    Cheers Dozy
  4. Okay

    I will email you all the spreadsheet with details on just confirming who is doing what on which days etc.

    I have sorted the plan to ensure everyone has leaflets on right days, but Dozy we are stuck for Friday (only day i cant get leaflets to you guys)

    You free to collect them on Thursday at all?
  5. Yup, I can drive down after work - PM RV details!
  6. you star!

    On its way¬!
  7. More hands for leafleting Moods?
  8. Old fat and hairy is also sorting bods on ground. will update accordingly
  9. Okay,

    Got a word doc scrabbled together with following info on it;

    Distribution details - who is dropping off and collecting leaflets etc
    Map & RV details (with meeting times)
    Lists of each team, shift etc

    Will get A-Z street map so the evenin teams can highlight the streets they have done and pass to next team to avoid doubling up on previously targetted streets.

    Any other info you feel I need to include?
  10. Ref attire, I had told a couple of people that "smart casual - washed and pressed" was all they needed to wear, so when you send out the details, Zoe, please will you make the "suited and booted" rule clear.

    And damnit, I now have to find some smart comfy footwear! I normally trot to the office in trainers and change into my footwear, smart (walking, not for the use of) so don't possess smart AND comfy!

    Ros x
  11. Details have been sent but I will whizz round another group email stressing the point.
  12. Zoe - message from FARMBOY - please will you contact Mr. Reynolds, Chair of the Ashtead Branch RBL so that he can discuss numbers for leafleting.

    Ros x
  13. Done, left msg on his voicemail
  14. RBL have RV details. Just emailed over. They only have 4 of them but will send 2 on each day min.

    They will RV at the train station at 10am with the ARRSE team.
  15. Received in pm;