Logistics Support Regiments

Discussion in 'RLC' started by irlsgt, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Are the new Logistics Support Regiments going to be a brigade or divisional level support unit?
  2. God im glad I decided to have a quick nosey at this site tonight, do you lot not have anything interesting to ask/say?

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  3. Have a think about that and do the maths. Hint: think about how many LSRs there are.
  4. Irlsgt...please ignore my Corps brethren, i fear they've been at the diesel again.

    The LSR concept is now fully up and running, with the last LSR to be formed, 12 Regt firmly established on the ORBAT.

    Each manouevre (fighting)bde has an affliated LSR, the affliation is thus:

    3 Div Units
    1 Mech = 3 LSR RLC
    12 Mech = 4 LSR RLC
    19 Lt Bde = 19 CSS Bn REME/RLC

    1 Div Units
    4 Armd = 12 LSR RLC
    7 Armd = 2 LSR RLC
    20 Armd = 1 LSR RLC

    Additionally there is
    16 AA Bde = 13 AASp Regt RLC
    3 Cdo Bde = Cdo Log Regt RM RM/RLC
  5. Thanks goon_bde
  6. Nice.

    How do 6 and 9 Surprise fit into the big scheme of things?
  7. Third Line support...in other words they basically support everybody else behind the Div Rear Boundary.
  8. Third Line support...in other words they basically support everybody else behind the Div Rear Boundary.[/quote]

    New terminology is now Force Log Sp, but this may change...
  9. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    It’s been a while since the presentation but I do believe that there is a facility for an LSR to sit in the divisional area behind the 3 LSR’s and act as a divisional troops support Regiment.

    This will help bridge the gap between 3rd and 2nd line especially with protracted distances between the A/SPOD and the Divisional boundaries. There was a view that the 3rd line unit could split into to support this in certain situations, but as all things there is always a degree of golf bagging.

    I do believe that this is explained in the RLC doctrine but funny enough I can find my copy.

  10. Exactly right, called Log Sp to LSDI the 3rd or 4th LSR would do exactly that
  11. Quite right. I must apologise, I completely forgot myself there.
  12. Dont forget the PC & Mov Regts,

    All right forget them, we are there somewhere you know?
  13. Nah, they're 104 Bde; theatre troops stuff. So far back they... you know the rest.