Logistics/Storesperson Required

Two points about this post.

1. It is not a job offer as such, but hopefully it will lead to one.
2. I have approached Admin (Bad CO) who has approved my post.

I work for a company in Perry Barr who have a team of some 50 engineers nationwide. Our stores/logistics is a complete shambles - which the company owner acknowledges, but he is unable to find someone suitable who can sort it out.

The two primary aspects are (a) The receipt and dispatch of the units we install and (b) Resupplying the engineers with consumables.

My thought is that if there is a former logistics chap out there in the Perry Barr/North Brum area who is currently looking for a job then it couldn't hurt to drop my gaffer a line.

Please PM me for a complete explanation of the company and contact details.

Note: I am an ex Crab (80-89) but please don't hold that against me!
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