Logistic Specialist (Supply) !!!!!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by RLCQMAN, Jun 24, 2008.

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  1. Any Suppliers out there still struggling with the move from Sup Con and Spec to Supplier will be amamzed at this!!!!

    There are plans affot to change the name of Supplier to the above mentioned bag of balls title (Logistic Specialist - Supplier). This is a move at attempting to sex up the trade in order to generate more recruits through this role. Apparanemtly attaching Specialist to a function title makes the trade seem more attractive.

    From my latest sources inch high private eye has OK'd this change of title even in the light of numerous other suggestions.


    Sorry, did I say that out loud???

    The term 'Logistic' refers to a number of functions carried out by all trades within the corps and a number outside of it. It is, in my humble opinion not what the trade needs in terms of recruiting. If specialist must be used then lets attach it to a more descriptive term other than Logistic with supplier as a poor add on in brackets.

    This is another example of bad management of a problem by the Corps and it should be addressed. Lets use this post to generate other names for this important role within the Corps (can of worms opened sir!!)
  2. Why is it that when one Trade of the Cap badge of the RLC has a change does it become such a problem??

    First it was the tank transporters that had a gripe about so called "TRADE PAY" when pay 2000 kicked in, well i am sorry guys and girls but many an RLC driver put loads on/off vehicles without getting any extra money for it. And before you sprout some s*** about being on "drag" for 4 days at a time, you didn't complain when you paraded as a Sqn at the pay office on a Monday to make a claim. Many RLC drivers have gone on 2-3 days journeys and had to sleep in a vehicle WITHOUT A FITTED BED so it was only right you were seen for the money grabbing self-centred State fleecing wallers you were. Step forward PAY 2000.

    Now we have the saga of sup spec/sup con and what they should be called. What was so "SPECIALIST" about operating the various systems in the role of stores accounting? I think that the poor guys & girls in the not so generous promotion side of the supply trade are only to happy that they have been put in the same bracket as ALL suppliers and are not treated differently as they used to be.

    Having seen first hand of the hard work that 4 Sqns of RLC SUPPLIERS in 6&9 Supply Regiments "NOT" you know the Rations and MBLU (Hygiene) Troops that have no peacetime roll and play cards etc all day whilst other Sqn's work thier fingers off. Then i don't really think that there is a debate is there, you are suppliers so accept the role and move on..

    STACKERS has always sounded good to me but hey you don't like that one either.
  3. ......one of them being yours I suppose. Particularly bad grape harvest this year.

    Let's break it down into easy stages for you:

    Stage 1: Logistics: The organisation of moving, lodging, and supplying troops. In other words, our overarching role or profession.

    Stage 2: Specialist: He who is trained in a particular role or profession. Spot the linkage?

    Stage 3: Supply: The provisions and equipment for a military force. An indication of which part of logistics the soldier specialises in. Getting clearer perhaps?

    So there we have it. A logical sequence starting with the overarching role, followed by an indication that those engaging in the role are highly trained, and a final indicator of which part of the profession they specialise in. Seems pretty clear to me.

    The use of this particular title will also, I assume, assist in any case being advanced to support uplifts in pay bandings. And finally, anything that will assist Corps recruiting, and relieve hard-pressed units, is most welcome

    You did - remember the old adage about engaging etc
  4. Apparently from the corridors of Dettingen House the PetOps are to be called :
    Logistic Gods (Black Gold, Texas Tea)!

    Dont know what everyone is complaining about, just as long as they dont start a badge farce again, eg:

    Jerrican..guess who!
    Steering Wheel (damn, Movers got that!) ok then, Vehicle Jack...Drivers!
    Computer Mouse...Suppliers!
    Maccy D's Golden Arches....Chefs!
  5. And from 1 Sept 08 Dvr/Rad Ops will be re-titled as: Driver / Communications Specialists, it's called change, embrace it.
  6. That's just jealousy gone made. Just because us at the top of the Trades have our own special flaming arsehole, everybody wants a special Joey Deacon badge. :D
  7. *sigh*

    Tank tranporters got paid the extra due to the extra ROLE they had, not the fact that they worked long hours. The armoured recovery role (winching) was what the extra trade pay was for, of course you would know that if you ever did the job instead of just talking third hand rubbish, and as for long hours, yes it was. A 20 hour working day 3 times a week (in the UK) is not unheard of, especially if you are doing the recovery truck for a drag. I spent 5 years 'B' trade and never worked as hard as I did in my 7 years of tank transporting, even on ops when I was seconded to GS units. When I got to 19 Sqn in 95 I didn't get a day off for 3 months, so yes, they do work harder than most (not necessarily all), but don't get paid extra for that.
    Besides, the new job title seems better than 'Supply', or it's civvy version 'Warehouseman'.
  8. Aw, did someone fail their trade course and get fcuk off'd back to being something shite.

    Claims would have been issued because they would have usually been parked up on Vlissengen /Antwerp (insert any other docks you can think off) and there wouldn't be a cookhouse in sight. Claims very few an far between (here in BFG).

    It's all about the recovery role, and even that has been watered down due to PFI. Glad it's making a come back on Ops though, take that FTX.