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Discussion in 'RLC' started by jasmin, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Where in ireland can you be posted if you join the logistics corp?
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    I'm sure someone who's been there will give you exact units, but from what I can judge with this link, it looks like Lisburn and Ballymena.
  3. Nowhere in Irelend, however in Northern Ireland, there will be jobs with the Royal Logistic Corps wherever there are Barracks. It all depends on which trade you are/want to be. There is the CSS Bn (if it's still called that) in Holywood.
  4. 19 CSS Bn has Drivers and a Comms Troop, plus all the normal Chefs and Suppliers. 152 is a bit different, I think you need to be at least a Cpl before being posted there, it's a TA Regt so regular positions are few and far between. HQ NI is pretty limited.

    Plus there are a lot of knobbers who get posted there and dig in, and never leave!! :x
  5. There's some positions at Aldergrove with 321 Sqn - again trade dependent.