Logistic Nightmare ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Sid_Viscose, Jun 28, 2008.

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  1. During some recent military tourism at a base in Afghanistan I observed: Warrior; Vector/Pinzgauer; Mastiff; Snatch, WMIK, I-WMIK; Viking. Now there is Jackal and Cougar (?) coming in.
    How hard is it to keep such a wide variety of vehicles, posted in small numbers, operational in these conditions ? Should the tiffys be topping the honours list ? Or are these newer wagons simply much more reliable than the old ? I am curious...
  2. What? For doing their fucking job. There's enough of that around as it is thank you very much. :evil:
  3. For every 10 VM's trying to keep the kit moving there's a tiff trying to hinder them with lean lines and pie graphs....... :D
    Then they ECI you....
  4. Dont worry you will have Fortress, Vixen and Ridgeback soon to add to the many code names of vehicles and equipment!
  5. Fortress Vixen??

    Or do you have to kill me once you've told us etc?

  6. Sid, yes its a pile of ballbags on Herrick at the moment, with FTR Sections supporting kit they are not trained on and don't have the diagnostic kit to deal with it. Not a drama that long ago but these days the usual response from the vehicle is "computer says no."
  7. Fortress is Theatre Entry Standard, Support Vehicle. Basically the new trucks but fully armoured, BOWMAN and ECM.
    Vixen is a upgraded version of WMIK.
  8. Sounds like an evening watching gladiators!!
  9. :D

    More catchy than 43, CVR(T), Lanny and Chally. Cheify, can´t think of any others.
  10. Ok, so:

    Saxon -> Viking: Mad hairy blokes in chainmail....

    Bulldog-> Mastiff-> Ridgeback: Dogs....

    Wolf-> Panther-> Jackal-> Vixen... VIXEN?!
  11. mabye, seems harder to remember for me... :(

    so what's the next vehicle going to be called? pink slip?
  12. Good title for a porn movie.
  13. I have heard P45 and UB40 being bandied about.
  14. Found some images of Fortress after a bit of looking.
  15. Fortress, Vixen and Ridgeback !It's even more complicated than I thought :roll:
    Maybe they need to bin some of the ones that aren't up to it, eg Vector, and focus down on on a coope of wagons or families of vehicles that work best. Mastiff seems to get the thumbs up. The Cougar looks like a smaller version. Maybe some commonality of drive train etc ?