Logistic Disposal - A question of wording.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by farmaggeddon, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. Was approached the other day about our JSEOD brethren with an enquiry into their needing to be taught 'bulk disposal'.

    Although this wasn't described as "getting rid of stuff in bunkers", surely it is a matter of wording to mean the same thing.
  2. Not when it's my bulk they're talking about!

    And isn't Logistic disposal an aim and a dream
  3. Isn't their Bulk Disposal just putting it in a hole and seeing how high & far they can scatter it from the pit?

  4. I hope your answer was "Why do they need to be taught that, when there are people already trained in it, in the same theatres and not being utilised because they are the wrong capbadge. What a waste of training resources and time!"

    It's not a question of blowing up bunkers. They indeed have been having a lot of trouble when trying to dem multi items (10 or more). This is where the term "Kick Out" was invented to try to cover up unprofessionalism. Unfortunately they have now been caught out and are trying to use the "Its a training gap" excuse.

    Nonsense - It takes alot of training to be able to correctly identify ammo, assess its NEQ and type of explosive and then work out how to utilise the items own explosive power against itself. Coupled with technical stacking to ensure each item works against the next to ensure complete propagation. It can not be taught in a couple of lessons on the 0801 cse.
    I encircle and say again - why not use the people who are trained in the skill correctly?

    Why don't we ever ask to be taught how to build the odd bridge or two just in case we need to send the wheelbarrow over a ditch :?: :wink:
  5. With the new Command, that may be closer than we think!
  6. Unfortunately, somebody high up in the food chain has agreed in some way to this being a good idea. Its not done yet and our side are saying "don't think so" but the 'operational' flag keeps getting waved.

    It wasn't from the man asking that though, he was just the messenger.

    FB, we have those ditch filling things already though - yourself and a few guiness if the old times are remembered correctly.
  7. Exactly my point ! They wave an operational flag trying to say that there is a gap. But if you look closly there are people already available to do the job correctly who are OPERATIONAL and DEPLOYED in the theatres that they say there is a gap.
  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Careful chaps. Don't give too many secrets away.
  9. Up until now they`ve got away with it as only we know you're not meant to send all the AP mines on the top of the stack 100m in every direction! Unfortunately the rest of the Army know no different and assume a big bang is a good bang. I did hear a story(from a RAF BDO) about a decorated RE fella who used 20 AT mines as a donor charge. If they want to do that let em do it, one day there`ll be an accident and the stories of playing chicken with mine clearance charges will out.

    I do stress to any wedge that read this that a lot of your guys are good eggs and just like the rest of us the minority give the majority a bad name, but why logistic disposal, it`s not very warlike really? (someone will bite despite the caveat!)

  10. If any of you had of attended a full and complete AT course, you might have some ideas about propagation based upon what you see/find in situ. A world-wide knowledge of munitions would assist you in this area.........come on guys/gals, lets have a wide discussion not tunnel vision!!
  11. So what were the 80 tonne + blows in Iraq that I heard being discussed in that most illustrious discussion place formerly known as the NAAFI?