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Logic puzzle for you

My clansman (inf) battery charging tray reports an error if any one or more of the six 349 batteries in the tray are broken, and refuses to charge any of them. It does not say which one(s) are broken.

Given an unlimited supply of 349 batteries, what is the quickest way of combining and recombining combinations of batteries until they all of the ones in the tray are not broken and so they all charge? The tray must be full (ie there must be six batteries loaded) to test if any one or more are broken.

This is a serious question! I thought I'd ask it here as it's the kind of crossword/cryptic/New Scientist/Logic puzzle thing I'm sure Int Corps love doing... :)
Do you have no REME at your unit? Any tech or even a VE/VM should be able to stick a fluke across them and tell you which are knackered no problem. If you are lucky, he may even do it without beer in return!
It's a small STAB unit - only REME (ie man with a soldering iron) is me! Sending it back for repair is a long process... And I have loads and loads of possibly OK ones, don't want to send them all back just cos some are bad...

What's a fluke? I have an electric meter so I can measure the voltage - is that sufficient? Do you know off hand what it should be? I guess I should post this in the REME thread instead!

No logic puzzle solutions then :p
SoftPawn said:
What's a fluke?
:D , oh dear :D , a fluke is a v expensive multi function meter and tester. However, if you don't want to fork out several hundred for one do the following.

Go to nearest RS or Maplins and ask for a deep discharge tester (about 30 quid). Test each one (assuming they are charged in the first place), if one fails, it is shagged.

So I don't have to angling to catch some strange fish then stick it wriggling over the terminals? That might make things easier...

Assuming it's charged in the first place
:) That's no good if I can't charge them in the first place. I'm sure there's some other logic in that somewhere :) Not quite so easy...
In which case, replace all 6 with new ones, confirm that they will charge, then one at a time replace the new ones with an old one.

When it won't charge any of them, you have found a knackered cell.
I see from another thread you're self employed and so working late, I'm just a sad geek checking email before bed. :)

Aunty Stella said:
In which case, replace all 6 with new ones
Interesting; is it this easy in the regs? You just 'ask and get'? I know we can do the same but I get the impression it takes ages and there seems to be an inertial 'lump' to get over before it happens... I'm new & ignorant to this store stuff though which is why I'm asking the wealth of knowledge here!


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