logging onto JPA

For now it is only from MOD computers on the RLI.

It is hoped that in due course we will also be able to log on to JPA via ArmyNET via any normal internet access. This will be really good news for all of us, but there are some significant security hurdles to cross first so do not expect it to happen straight away.
Hi, I have just finished my basic at ATR(W), passed out on the 25/05/07. And while being there our whole intake has not been paid barring one months wage which came in a cheque and did not clear until about 5 days before pass out. Luckily for us however our staff managed to get us some cash here and there through the civi wages clerk. Does anyone here know anyone else in the same situation and have they been given any information. As all we were pretty much told was that we would be paid when we get paid and that even Army staff are not totally upto speed with the new system.
You will get your pay sorted out when you get to your Phase 2 unit, if you have not already had any trg you will be taken through the JPA E-learning and will then be able to get a password/login and be able to check and ensure that your bank details are on the system and are correct. If you speak to the HR Admin staff in your admin office they will be able to tell all you need to know.
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