Logging on at Work?

Are you logging on at work?

  • Yes, I'm serving and using a military computer.

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  • Yes, I'm a civvy (or former serviceman/woman) using a work computer.

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  • I'm off today, but I am serving and on my own computer.

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  • I'm on the dole.

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  • I've retired.

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  • I work for myself or from home and use my own computer.

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So how many here are (supposed to be) at work, and are killing time in an otherwise boring time, or searching for some sanity(?) or a laugh to ease the stress of work?


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if you're from an IT department somewhere, then of course I'm not logging on at work.
At work but with a constant look out for stasi
Private_Pike said:
At work but with a constant look out for stasi
Also wearing tin foil under my helmet (on my head!)
What does 'ampersand-hash-zero-three-nine' mean? Oh, and yes, I'm at work!!

Edited to write the symbols/numbers in as Arrse wouldn't accept them!!
Queensman said:
What does 'ampersand-hash-zero-three-nine' mean?
Its basically the way the forum handles a single quote ' because otherwise it causes no end of problems when writing the information to the database. My civvie job involves working with code like this, can be a real pain in the arrse.

I tend to spend most of my work time on arrse, its the only thing which keeps me going throughout the day...
New option 7

I'm serving but working within a civilian company and I am constantly logged on to ARRSE during working hours.

I'd like to say a big thanks to my line manager and my business group leader for making the IT dept give up and allow access (for research purposes of course)
constantly logged on to ARRSE but also developing a neck problem where i have to contort myself to observe all the managerial arrse kissing types.


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pip Pip Legs Old Scout,

From bitter experience, you need to go back into your original POLL and remove the apostrophes - stick to "Im" rather than "I'm" and you'll be fine, in point of fact all will be tickety-boo....what ?



(Damn, been listening to that fake aristo Gallowglass too long...mental note Jeeves)
I log into Arrse as soon as i come into work, then sit at the desk do the job i am paid for and also surf, then when i get back to the Accom, i log in as Arrse is my home page.

My shifts at work would go sooooooo slowley, even with the TV to watch.

Wouldn't you all want i job like mine?
oh and my boss is onside as i told him it was an official Army web site, used to get info as to what is going on in the world.

PS. if anyone from the IT Dept here, please don't block this site.

The only problem is that work gets in the way of arrse surfing - however, work colleagues have got used to me sitting in the corner chuckling and dribbling lik a mong - just keep in minimsed for covert viewing - its the only sanity in the work world im in.
Of course I'm only logged in at work for research puropses, and stuff, honest
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