Log Tossing PT..Were we the last course to do it ?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Roger_so_far, Mar 14, 2005.

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  1. Catterick 1990 - 11 Sigs - PT

    Four ranks of sprogs(myself included). Skid Lids - red PT vests and lightweights. Each rank cradling a log in their arms.

    "on my first word of command you will bend forwards - BEND ! "

    "on my second word of command - THROW -you will throw the log over your heads and ranks 2,3 and 4 will prepare to catch the incomming logs.

    STANDBY.....BEND.....THROW....sickening crunch followed by multiple trips to the Med-Cen for ranks 2,3 and 4

    Did anyone else partake in this marvellous pastime ?

    (My apologies to the Gym-Queens out there, if the words of command aren't correct .)
  2. Did it at Blandford less than 2 months ago. You'll be glad to know it still gets followed by multiple trips to med centre. Although nowadays we wear combat jackets for health and safety reasons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Marvelous fun
  3. Yep I can vouch for The Bull140 as I was there wiv 'im! And yes I indeed, being a small feeble woman, managed to almost dislocate my shoulder upon throwing, and then almost break both wrists catching!

    Although when the Bull says its marvellous fun, I have my doubts!!

    Sadistic maybe......fun no way!
  4. i know that the blandford instructors like that perticular one but i cant say ive seen it at 21.
    any other units had this pt spectacular?
  5. Yep, I did it before posting out here.

    It's a bit of a problem if you're the only person over 5'8, and you get boll*cked for ducking cause the shortarrses can't toss a log.

    Med Centre? Yes please Staff!
  6. yep blandford "98" loved the sit ups as a one'r with the log aswell.
  7. That did make me laugh, especially the little guy at the end who couldnt keep up and was just getting launched about.
  8. I can vouch for that. The ones at 11 Sigs (Catterick for the chocolate frogs) seemed to be heavier and greasier too. I remember someone in the Tp using their issue towel as padding for his shoulder and getting a right ragging from one of the Tp Screws for dirtying his towel on a run.
  9. Does anyone remember doing the log run around the training area at Catterick? Up and down heart break hill!
  10. daz

    daz LE

    remember doing it in Otterburn in 3 foot of snow, log made a nice fire afterword's as well :lol:

  11. Yes remember it (fondly??) well. Also remember running back into Helles to take it over the asault course and knocking out Section Commander when log started swinging from top of 12 foot wall. Knocked him out cold.

    Ah them were the days.

    used to get up half an hour before i went to bed................... to quote Monty Python
  12. Remember doing them I did it for 3 years you were the lucky ones you had 11 weeks of it but All I can say is the trg you did at 11 was alot harder then that at Blandford better trg area and hard PT STAFF _ BUT FAIR
  13. They don't have logs at Blandford only long thin things that resemble toothpicks and no tank tracks to run up and down.
  14. I sawed about 10 inches off the end of the biggest log behind the gym at Garats Hay in about 1989. There. I've said it out loud - it was me and I'm not ashamed. Must have saved all of 15lbs. Did it while on prowler guard with an int corps bint wetting herself with fear in case we got caught. Took bloody ages, I had to go back on the second prowler to finish it off.

    That said, I used to love log work (in retrospect), especially when I was at one end (6'2")(nearly) and me mucker Lofty (6'6") at the other with little Woody (5'6") and various other dwarves in the middle. Nice. One little scrote used to hang on the bloody thing with his legs pulled up the lazy bstard. Baz Quacker if you are reading this yes I do remember and I don't care if you are a copper now I still owe you a good thumping.
  15. decrepitsoldier wrote

    OI!!! :-D