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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by RoyalEngineers, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Okay.. yesterday at college we did a 2.5 mile log run. We had like 11 people, 4 on each log (one being bigger than the other) and when someone got tired they shouted change and one of the people off the log came on it.

    I went all the way without changing :D (Wow.. that makes me hard (NOT) ).

    Now what gets me is why people cry and cry about how it hurts this, and how it puts strain on that while running.. i mean does it not annoy you? I like to suffer in silence, or just not suffer at all because pain is only a sensation? :D

    So I was wondering, what is the longest log run you've ever done, and how much did it help your fitness?

    P.s. on Tuesday we did a 4 mile run, and can I just say that my fitness is now going through the roof, well higher than it ever has been :D

    P.P.S the log run was after a 6 mile bike ride up a hill and then down it, and then after we played some football.

    And finally, I was seeking some advice for when to start running regularly, and how far? I think i'm going to time my 1.5 mile run time later, and i'll post it on here for you to scrutanise :p
  2. It's just far too early for this sort of thing.
  3. You f*cking Gladiator, you. Just tip up at the guardroom at Folkestone with a 5-99 beret from the local surplus shop, and repeat these words "I do not need to do P-Company, I did a 2.5 mile log run in college. Where's my bedspace?"

    What follows will demonstrate the difference between the Log Race and a 'log run.'
  4. Oh. Okay.. sorry.. but i'm not exactly saying i'm the incredible hulk.. i'm hardly a fully developed man aswell. Thanks for the advice though :)
  5. For any body who has ever been on a real course were your gettin fXcked day after day not jus physcially demanding but in your head ie if you fail your in the poo!
    Dont think I could of played footy after doing The 3 mile log run you do on Household Division Parachute Regiment Centralised Courses(HDPRCC) ,the land of many letters,as I was a bit saw, But did deploy to Brecon the next day for a week ex.
    Does this make me weak? As I know I was sucking in air from China!
  6. Nice one mate sounds like your fitness is coming along really well. Keep it up as it is so much easier to develop when you are younger (as I found out the hard way). I know what you mean about the complaining, (isnt it meant to be hard?) but do keep in mind that the P Coy log race will be a damn sight harder! No worries though, its all mental.. apparently.

    I definately think you should start running regularly. Being a decent runner is basically a prequisite to a military career so get into a routine. I would reccomend 4 times a week or twice a week if you do alot of other exercise and one of your runs should be a long run (60 minutes or more), and one should be a fast short one (2 miles at full pelt?) or a speed work session.

    Dont be too hasty with your running as it is very easy to pick up injuries (again I found out the hard way) because even if you have the cardio of an olympic rower your body needs time to adjust to regular running and this could take a month or so before you are able to really push it.

    Just my advice, as always, not in the army, just talking from experience.

  7. P.S. You really are a bundle of charisma aren't you!

  8. Yes lol.. totally :p

    I'm a happy guy and passionate ;)

    By the way I just did the mile and a half for the first time since College and the first time in ages too, and I did it in 11 minutes 30, which i'm pleased with for a first time, bearing in mind I still have many months to improve :D
  9. Well done. Buy a power breathe and you will have that down to 9:00 in a week ;)

    Seriously though, get into a running routine with longer runs and speed work and you will easily take a further minute off that. Then it gets hard, whittling away to get those seconds off!

    www.runnersworld.com for advice etc. there is a .co.uk version but the yanks version seems better (more people on it), prepare yourself for sickening displays of encouragement though ("oh yeah! I ran 0.5 miles in 14 minutes! You go girl!") Every post on that site seems to get bombarded with praise no matter how trivial lol. Regardless its a good site with loads of knowledgable people on it.

  10. I'm sure this has been covered, one way or another RE. The search function Is your friend.
  11. Thinking about it, I think a log race would probably benifit your mental fitness more than physical... ie boosting your grit! Cant see running with a **** off log could really do you much good and certainly wouldnt be worth doing regularly!

  12. RoyalEngineers I think the only reason you posted this, was to announce this-

    "I went all the way without changing"
  13. your doing all those log runs and only do a 11;30 pft?? i would change your college!
  14. Everybody Is different In build, stamina and capacity. Some people are more vocal, to help them through It. But why am I telling you? Your feckin nails. :wink:
  15. Ermmm considering I have only been at college a number of weeks and was away in Greece for 2 of those.. :p

    Anyway.. as much as it hurt me with the log bouncing about jabbing into me hand and all.. and some people on here really are brain dead :)