Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by sexysapper, Jul 8, 2007.

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  1. Ive been doing my own phys 6 days a week for the past few weeks. I have 8 weeks until P Coy beat up. I have been pushing myself but what I really need is preparation for that log race so I can do it with more chance of finishing. Some people say it is the most difficult event of test week, so I would really appreciate any training tips/excercises that will prep me well for this event.

    Now I'll be disappointed if I dont get any silly, p!ss taking remarks back, but could really use a few sensible ones too!
  2. Umm cut it into equal bits so you all get some of that chocolate goodness ;)

    Basically just build up your leg muscles to handle the extra weight, your shoulders will chafe no matter what, my pal did it on Cadet Leadership Course. Good luck on your quest for the Maroon beret, RE rawks!
  3. just do your best grit your teeth and go for it,, its not long...and remember,, your a team on the log help each other,,,,its only pain it passes..
  4. Just a thought, but have you considered running around with a dumbbell hanging off a strap in one hand? that might help. Would be easier if you got hold of a kettlebell and did it with that.
  5. I have been thinking along those lines! Although I would look a complete and utter tw@t, I suppose I shouldn't really worry about that if its gonna help me pass.
  6. I reckon its one of those things that you just cant train for. You just have to grit your teeth and go for it.

    Gud luck mate.
  7. I havnt done it, not even in the army lol but I dont see why you shouldnt run around with a dumbell weighing 1/6 of the log (is it a team of 6?). Also dont you take turns carring it? Or is the stretcher race. If so why not put a dumbell at the starting line of a running track and pick it up, run for 2 laps, put it down, run for one, pick it up, run for 2 etc etc?

  8. I'm no expert, but I have been introduced to the log on a short occasion - If I'm wrong on this I'm sure The_Duke will swoop down and correct me, but here goes -

    Dumb/Kettle bell? Bad plan. Prepare to do your shoulder some mischief. Just find a hil and sprint up it a lot, and practice not giving in to the Jack Monster, and you'll do it. If you're doing phyzz six days a week, you should be pretty damn fit (unlike the author of this post- whose mind can remember but his body can't...) Don't train with weight dangling off one arm. The guys who passed from my intake all managed, and I'm reasonably sure they didn't - they just wanted the beret more than they wanted to give in. And that's what it boils down to. If you want it enough, you'll win it - the only thing which will stop you (apart from a weak mind) is an injury, and with P-Company looming, you want to protect yourself from them as best you can - and that is NOT by trying to make one arm longer than the other. You'll look like a tit in the bar, anyway.

    Good luck, and don't give up for anything.

    edited because I was watching my red balloon rather than my spelling. Mlarrrr.
  9. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    You will be introduced to the log on your P Coy beat up, and no doubt be given plenty of time to practice!

    As sarnian says, just keep on running.

  10. I did all-arms a few years back. I know it sounds obvious, but all you need to do is stay on and not jack on your team. 3 blokes jacked on my log...but in a way this made us look good because we stayed on and cracked on.
    I found the stretcher race the hardest- 5 miles!

    The only event that was straight pass/fail was the 10 miler and the tranasium. But with the 10 miler, if you came off and didnt finish with the pack then you would still do the whole course..but the DS wouldnt pass you. Might have changed now though, im speaking of my course.
  11. 'Log, meet number 27, number 27 meet the log' - Introduction done.

    Just hold on, man up, pull hard, dig deep and let the sight of the weak falling by the wayside drive you on.
  12. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Spend the next few weeks getting as fast as you can, and do it in boots (caveat: my opinion, stated advice says no). A lot of those who dropped of events when I was there last week - especially the team events, ie stretcher & log - did so not because they couldn't keep going, but because they couldn't keep up the pace. The log goes at a sprint, be warned.

    I was med RTUed early on, so thinking about my training for next time at the moment. Personally, I'm going for a foundation of sprint sessions up and down hills for 20-30 minutes with little to no rest. Two pointers from recruits in our coy: One man who passed with [relative] ease and won best recruit was had been training almost exclusively doing sprinting. One man completed every event even though he had a bad ankle injury which kept him hobbling with a tightly strapped foot the rest of the week - he also passed. Lessons learned: being fast will help, but it's iron will that gets you through.

    If you are 8 weeks out, you should have built up endurance & strength already. Get fast, fast.

    PS Armies, seems it's scored a little differently now. Events are:
    10 points each = Stretcher, Log, Milling, 10-miler, 2-miler, Steeplechase.
    Trainasium = Pass/Fail
    Must pass 1 team event, ie either Stretcher or Log
  13. Oh - are you doing a 9 Sqn beat up?

    You poor soul!
  14. No bed pan, my engineer days are over, I'm doing a 16 AAss beat up.
  15. The engineer pre para finished last year after brigade decided that they would do one instead.

    Be warned that brigade are thinning people out at start of pre para before any events due to poor admin and having too many on the course.