Log NEC?

A certain large american aircraft maker is busy hiring IT types in the South West for work on Log NEC. Sorry if thi isnt the right forum but it seems the most appropiate?

I've had a look at their links and the MOD stuff which is the ususal web of cross links to lovely sounding programs full of Buzz words like 'agile' and so on....anyone know what the meat of the beast actualy is? Within the realms of whats public information of course.

"The role of the Logistics Network Enabled Capability Projects Team (Log NEC Projects Team), formed from the merger of the Mat Flow Project Team and JAMES (E&AM) Programme, is to deliver IS-enabled business change projects to enhance Operational Capability and improve support pan-Defence, especially within the DE&S, PJHQ and the Front Line Commands." from the MOD

So I'm guessing we're talking online ordering of parts, order tracking, stock control and so on?
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