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Log Line ?

What was the purpose of Log Lines. Seen neatly coiled and hanging from belts up until the early fifties. Were they of any use or just another hangover from the Napoleonic wars ?



Could be joined to make sling so that several persons could move a load. Act as an individual traveller. Tow rope for recovery. Multifarious really only limit is your imagination.
Do you mean Fibre Rope Assembly, Single Leg. As above the toggle and loop rope about 2m long?

Still on issue! And used for a multitude of things....



Book Reviewer
toggle rope pretty usefull bit of kit, ended up yankified as a bit o rope with a screw gate caribiner on the end. hanging on webbing looking ally for the use of.

a log line is for measuring a ships speed isn't it?
Grumbles. I think the 'yankified' item you are referring to is the 'sling seat' (length of rope) with a snap sling (carabiner) used for rappeling (abseiling) out of a helicopter, etc. Different from a toggle rope!

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