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Log Cabin/Summerhouse Kits

I assisted my neighbour in the build of an identical shed; fully built in two days with a varying crew of 5, including staining every piece of wood. One of the lads is a spark so he wired it for lights,a bar and a telly. Currently functioning as a home office. The delivery crew can be paid to build it if you cant but it literally slots together like Lego and a two man nailing team will have it secured inside a day. It comes with a thick membrane for the roof instead of shingles and is easy to insulate. You get one window and a double door as standard and two vents up high inside. It's easy to insulate but the instructions are pants! You really do have to sit down and go over them carefully before you lay the first plank. You can build it on a concrete base or a well levelled set of hard points. It's excellent and came to Eu2800 approx with an extra window.