"Lofty Large" ...

Just found out he sadly passed away, apologies if this has been mentioned prior to this but couldn't find it!

R.I.P. Fella...

Lofty Large


RIP Lofty.
I remember seeing him show Gary Rhodes how to cook in the field.From what I gather he was a true gent.
His book was truly inspirational. What a fella.
Knew some folks who served with Lofty, no one had a bad word for the guy.
He was the stuff of legend
Gone , but never forgotten
Took me on my survival course in Belize - what a geezer. Nothing to much trouble to explain and some of the trick he showed me kept me from going hungry. RIP Lofty
Read his book "soldier against the odds" .

Top bloke and a true Brit, Passed selection with a badly injured arm from the Korean war.

RIP fella

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