Loft / cavity wall insulation

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jeromesausage, Jul 21, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys, don't know if this is the right forum but nearest one I could find.

    My parents turn 70 next year and as such qualify for the free loft / cavity wall insualtion grant that has been runnnig for a few years now. It is my understanding however that the grant is due to finish if not this year then early next and as such they may well miss out on it. Being the tight gits they are they say they will take their chances so I told them not to whinge to me if they lose out.

    does anyone out there have any solid gen on this? Does it come to an end and does everyone have to pay full whack after that? If so, exactly what is full whack? I got my place done for £199 - £99 for loft and same for cavities however some oik knocked on my dooor the toher day (clearly not noticing that the exterior of my house looked like Bin Laden's bungalow) and offered to cavity fill for £349 and too my loft for £150. Tempted though I was, I told him that both were done for under £200 to which he replied they probably filled my cavity with Coco-pops.

    There seems to be such a massive disparity in costs so if the grant does end, what is a relasitic cost to get insulated?

    Any advice as always greatly appreciated guys. Also, parents are getting on a bit so any advice on how to stage convincing suicide death pact to aovid thousands in care home fees also greatly apprecaited. They have a nice house which Im keen to get my hands on :)
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  2. British gas are also doing this for free.
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  3. Mercenary.

    Not that I'm saying that's a bad thing............
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    used this site to sort out cavity and loft insulation for the old couple over the road and it is easy to use. You can also get funding for a new boiler etc but if you move house within 10 years you pay back some on a sliding scale. Not something you would worry about at 70+ I wouldn't think - get the boiler etc done free and do not worry about it. Everything can be done initially online.
  5. Cheers guys, advice appreciated. Now, is it just me or is Cafe Creme a cock?
  6. It's been suspiciously quiet this morning. Perhaps it bumped into Mr Halfpoundballpeinhammer last night?
  7. Just found this thread...a few hours ago a bloke knocked on my door and asked if I had cavity heating. I just moved into an end of terrace house ( its a row of 3 houses) and I said I didn't know. As far as I'm aware it hasn't. He then went on to say that someone could come back in the week and do a survey, they will check for cavity insulation in the walls and also the loft.

    The guy is from a company called 'Vigortas.' Apparently to meet government green targets they are offering to put cavity insulation into peoples homes that need it, for free...too good to be true perhaps? Now I own the home, work full time, so I am surprised that I would be allowed to get this done for free.

    Is this a genuine offer do you think, or should I tell them to get on their bike, and speak to British Gas/ EDF? I just bought this house, so am not in the slightest bit interested in paying a penny to anyone at the moment. I'm also not too keen on having some bloke come round on the survey drilling a hole in my wall to check if its already been done.
  8. Vigortas - energy saving experts these people? Based on their own website and what you've said, loggielad, I doubt you qualify for the freebies.

    If it's already been done is should be listed in the EPC certificate supplied with the house sale.

    Also most of these grants where we are tend to be controlled by the local authority. It might be worth checking with yours to see if a grant has already been paid out for the property.
  9. Don't "buy" anything from cold callers it will most likely end in tears.
  10. oldbaldy

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  11. I got my loft and walls done a few years ago on the back of my son claiming JSA (you just needed one occupant on benefits!).

    He's still available. I can rent him out for a small fee.

  12. Does he swallow and does he vjsit Barnsley?
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  13. Sorry, he can't do anything that may be construed as work as that would invalidate his JSA agreement and he has his sights set on the Lounge Service Medal.
  14. Jarrod's only offering him a hot meal........