Loctite De-Activator

NSN needed urgently, couldnt find it in the Usefull NSN thread.


What have you glued your hampton to this time? Or are you typing this with your one free hand?


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Armoury will have loads.

Failing that, use fire.
Its for the armoury, to change to the new flash eliminators.
If it's any help, you're probably looking for Loctite 768.
Its for the armoury, to change to the new flash eliminators.
Get your CoC to speak with your BART first!

We had a signal that a maximum sample of 20 Operational Vortex Flash Eliminators are to be removed - then the amount of barrels damaged during removal are to be reported up the chain. One unit had a 60% failure rate.

I have always used heat, blow torch, to heat the 620/Rockset then a spanner for Vortex & F/E Removal Tool to remove said eliminators. We have removed nearly 300 Vortex Flash Eliminators, before the message from our BART, and we have had no barrel malfunctions.

There may well be another new Vortex Flash Eliminator that can be used in conjunction with the SBFS in the near future.

Ref: DIN 2011DIN04-033
AESP 1005-L-200-522

PM en route.
NSN anyone?
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