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Has anyone used SAS A1 Locksmith training? They are based in Hereford and are ran/staffed by ex "them" :eek: , or at least thats the claim that is made on their website: http://www.sas-locks-and-training.co.uk/

Please note, I don't doubt that your ex "them", please don't kill me in my sleep!
Just had a look at teir web site. They advertise their course cost as £2995 with free accn. This is no good to you as you can only claim £534 and possibly £175 towards the cost of training but can claim actual costs for food/accn. They obviously don't understand the forces

They also talk about "Level2 and level3" but don't say what measure they use for these levels. Is it City & Guilds/BTEC? What?

I would stick with the Master Locksmiths Association courses They are a MOD preferred supplier so you have top cover

Recent correspndence here also seemed to suggest you should leave Anvil well alone
good luck
Not sure if this is entirely true mate but when I was going for resettlement a bloke 'in the know' informed me not many people make it as lock smiths once they've done these courses and the franchises fail very quickly.

This is due to the fact that people don't actually need locks doing on a regular basis and there are usually locksmiths in most areas to compete for small amounts of work. I personally have never needed a locksmith.

Just a thought...
I've been a locksmith now for 7 years and the one consistent thing about the trade is that very very few of the start ups make it, no matter who you train with. The market is over-saturated with people who do it part-time for beer money or by cowboys who may get one job a week so so charge £500 for the simplest jobs because they aren't getting any other work.

If you're really keen on being a locksmith, and have £25k to £50k to spend UPFRONT on getting properly set up, then do not under any circumstances subcontract yourself out to the national firms like Able, Reactfast, or anyone based in Leigh-on-Sea - you'll be working for peanuts, they probably wont even pay for you 3+ months (or at all in case of anyone based in Leigh-on-Sea) and it'll be you that the ripped-off customer will remember.
Perhaps, with the greatest respect, your experience is different to mine? I've seen dozens of new starts come and go (plus a few long established businesses too), heard numerous stories of non-payment by national contractors, and picked up plenty of work due to start ups not having the kit, knowledge of experience to get the job done.

The Paxton courses are very good though, and their Net2 stuff is a breeze to set up.
Responding to the original comment on this forum about A1 Safe & Secure, the locksmith training provider in Hereford I think the original couple of comments would have served better if homework had of been carried out. I have been locksmithing now for several years and have come across many training companies and I can confirm that A1 for a start is the oldest locksmith training school in the country and is also the longest course at present on the market, yes much longer than the Master locksmith associations course, don't get me wrong the MLA promotes good ethics etc but so does A1 but the difference being is A1 is also the only training provider that gives you a final 5 days working alongside a trading locksmith so you will also see how to run a small locksmith business. As for funding of the course it is all covered with resettlement money and ELCs combined, there is no course out there at present that offers as much as A1 does. If someone is looking at becoming a locksmith, then why would you want to do a short 4 to 5 day course, believe me you wont learn much and you wont last long. Oh and in reply to Tiddles comment about A1 being run by "Them" it is run by one of "Them" and he wont kill you in your sleep, and whilst I'm here is Tiddle reffering to a small part of your anatomy?
After seeing the original post i too feel the need to defend A1 safe and secure, without them i would not be running my own locksmith business.

As a result of my research, I discounted the 2-3 day courses, in favor of a 3 week course provided by A1 Safe and Secure. My rational for this was, the combinations of class based theory and practice (over 2 weeks) and in the field training (over 1 week) where I could build upon my newly acquired skills, knowledge and understanding.

However, any fears were soon alleviated as Bob Curry made his opening statement. From the outset, the course provided me with many interesting and enjoyable moments, such as, on day one handcrafting a key using only a hand file. For me and for many others the course didn’t just stop after the 3 weeks as Bob is always a phone call away to offer guidance and further instruction where needed.

I have now been running my own business for the past 2 years and 3 months up in Newcastle upon Tyne.
if your looking at becoming a locksmith then you can't go wrong with A1 safe and secure
Jason Gardner Abracadabra A1 Locksmiths Ltd

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