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Any of the MODs care to explain someones locking of a topic "Any tips for a new recruit?" as soon as a mention of our Northern friends and their possible cock-ups is mentioned?

I'll withhold judgement..............but to say does someone not trust us to use best judgement...i know its the OTC board but i feel the same would not have happened on any of the other boards
one-one-delta said:
Any of the MODs care to explain someones locking of a topic "
I will have locked it because there was something I didn't like the look of.

As for the tone of your post, I take exception to the suggestion that I treat this forum differently to RLC or Int Cell. I lock bone/pointless topics in those forums as well, and I don't always have the luxury of the time to write explanations for my decisions. I'd also suggest that if you want to know why a topic has been locked you PM me and I'll tell you. I'd suggest a tone of "Oi yuo, what right do you have to alter anything on your board....." isn't the most appropriate manner, and I'm being diplomatic in saying that.
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