Lockerbie:Megrahi, Oil, Brown & getting sick of the Septics

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Olympius, Sep 3, 2009.

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    Anyone else fed up with the Septics moaning about Lockerbie and the bad press over here?

    Scots decided it and as this is the UK we have to respect their decision. It's certainly more humanitarian than the Septic way of "git 'im in tha chair!"

    & so what if it was blood for oil? So what if we handed over Megrahi for a billion pound oil contract.

    Let's see Megrahi has two months to live so either trade him and his colostomy bag for a billion squid....or let him sap more of our taxes keeping him alive until his prostate cancer finally eats him up??

    & i'm writing as IF he were guilty. Which seems highly ferking dubious
  2. To be honest, the story's barely on the radar over here in Spamland. Yes the FBI Director started throwing his Teddies out of his pram about it, but that barely lasted the news cycle. The State Dept has made some perfuctory noises, but the Administration isn't going to draw too much flak about being soft on terrorists because the ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee is this chap:


    Peter King (R-NY); who did more to make an Olympic sport of sucking Gerry Adams' hampton than Teddy Kennedy ever did. (Never let it be said that the Seppos don't have a sense of irony.) Let's face it, you're not going to want someone out in front who's said things like:

    "We must pledge ourselves to support those brave men and women who this very moment are carrying forth the struggle against British imperialism in the streets of Belfast and Derry."

    He also called the IRA the "the legitimate voice of occupied Ireland".

    Especially since around the time of the Lockerbie bombing, the IRA was getting lots of toys and money from Uncle Muammar in Tripoli.

    My guess is that it's more of a story in the UK because the opposition parties are using it as a means of giving Cyclops another kicking.
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Paid for by US $$ collected for those nice freedom fighters in Belfast and Derry

    I didn't see the Yanks kicking off over the Good Friday agreement which released hundreds of convicted terrorists
  4. I often disagree with Crabtastic but on this one I am forced to say that he is correct. The release of Megrahi got a brief mention on the evening news and on page 43 of the newspaper and that was it. It is not something people are talking about. I would say no one mentioned it in conversation but the day after it happened I ran into the brother of a friend who was agrieved by the decision but he is a man who lost his partner and baby at Lockerbie so his take on it is a bit different than the average American.

    My guess is that your politicians are jockeying for position for your next election (if you have one) and are putting party politics before rational discussion of policy. I know it may shock you that someone thinks politicians would put party before principle. Your pols are making an issue of something that our pols are ignoring.

    As to his comments on Congressman King. Very very true. Teddy K was much more moderate on this issue than King. I am sure many Arrser's will not want to believe it but Teddy was part of the "4 Horsemen"* (Kennedy, Tip O'Neill, Gov Carey (NY) and Senator Daniel Moynihan (NY) who in 1977 condemned the IRA and demanded that our government crack down on money transfers involving Noraid (A PIRA front group operating in the US)

    * note re "4 Horsemen" a reference not to the Book of Revelation but instead to a legendary group of American football players from Notre Dame University
  5. You say that like its a bad thing.
  6. FFS - that is no way to start a thread! What are you thinking man?

    A video clip link to the one-eyed freak first thing in the morning is not a good way for anyone to start the day.